It all started with “Association against the klimahysteri” published a picture, which was owned by the award-winning photographer from Tromsø, on its website.

When Rikardsen was aware that the image was published without permission, he took a screenshot, put it out on Facebook and contacted the head of the page.

Then sent Rikardsen, in accordance with the copyright act, a invoice of 6000 € to the association. It says he is a conservative amount considering what is normal in such cases.

Rikardsen says the leader of the association, Thomas Rolén, immediately went to verbally counter-attack.

He claims Rolén has threatened to destroy his good name and reputation. Rolén says it is not the case. He believes Rikardsen creates unnecessary drama.

Invoice of 45.000 nok

That people are using mine or other photographers ‘ photos without thinking about is something that occasionally happens. Often fixes the fine at that they are sorry, and we agree, and that they might pay a fee for the use.

He says such cases use to be out of the world with it.

But this was the rake antagonism. I’ve got a part little kind e-mails also, which I never have black on, and threats of collection agency, says Rikardsen.

“the Association against klimahysteri” also sent an invoice.

Thomas Rolén is one of the administrators behind the facebook page the Association against klimahysteri (FMKH).

Photo: Private

This was addressed to Rikardsen: to have published a screenshot, of his own image from the society’s website, on its facebook page – is he billed for 45.000 dollars.

Rikardsen thinks he has right on his side and has hired a lawyer. The same has also “Association against klimahysteri” by Thomas Rolén done.

In the meantime, says Rikardsen that Rolén, which is also one of the leaders of the society’s page on Facebook, has threatened with a bad review and mention of Rikardsen on his official facebook page – if he does not remove the requirement.

The mean Rikardsen that Rolén even and several sympathizers with the group already have done.

– A prinsippsak

I think this is a completely stupid issue that could have been solved quite simply. Now this is completely surreal and tragicomic. I’m being attacked for that they have used my image. It is so wrong that you will have to react.

He says he is aware that advokatbruken cost a little, but that this is a prinsippsak.

There are colleagues in the fotomiljøet who have experienced similar abuse. They want that I not let this go by, ” says Rikardsen.

Thomas Rolén says to NRK that the case is a dialog that goes through the lawyers now, but that the association has at all times been open to a solution.

He claims on his page that Rikardsen creates unnecessary drama.

– We see that Rikardsen like to run a little drama to these things. We believe he leaves it up in big proportions. We are in a process with the lawyer and have not said that we shall not agree, ” says Rolén.

He says this about how they ended up in this situation:

Facebook has an API system in which an image is generated if you link to an article or a file. On our artikkelgenerator was one of his pictures generated forward, not from his side, but from somewhere else in google.

Rolén says that they removed the image as soon as they discovered that it was published.

– No one who has threatened

I apologized on the phone. Nevertheless, he has chosen to make this into a big case and sent the invoice. He continues to create drama.

– Rikardsen says you have threatened to destroy the reputation of his and refers to the negative review that is left on his website. Is that right?

We do not intend to give him negative publicity. But when he himself sends out such a defamatory review on their page, with a link to and image of our group, so he must expect that the people in the association reacts with to give him negative publicity. But there is no one who has threatened him with some things.

Rolén says he himself has said to Rikardsen that they want to delete the childish comments that have occurred if they manage to come to a solution.

– But it doesn’t seem as if Rikardsen is interested in it. We have no intentions to threaten him in any way. It is he who creates drama out from a autogenerert code that did that his image was published on our page.