It’s shocking. It is probably the word that best describes what has happened. It is certainly not good enough to do a good job .

It says museum director Anne May Olli in RiddoDuottarMuseat (RDM) to NRK.

SHOCKED: museum director Anne May Olli at RiddoDuottarMuseat wonder if McGowan was dismissed because he has been engaged in the saami.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK award Winning collaboration

The sami museumsstiftelsen and Northern Norwegian art museum has had a good cooperation in the four years Jérémie McGowan has been a director.

the Northern norway Art museum has won several awards in the wake of the collaboration with the RDM. Among other things, they set new attendance record, and won the award this Year’s museum 2017. They won the Norwegian publikumsutvikling-the price of the same year.

– Museums play an important role in society. In the time McGowan has guided the has the north Norwegian art museum has been an important actor in the social debate. In particular, the sámi perspective been lifted up, highlighting the Olli.

NRK has not succeeded to contact with McGowan, but to the, he says that it is not given some further justification for this.

– Need not to explain

McGowan has been the director of the museum since 1. march 2016 and was last year extended åremålet his two years.

the Board of directors of stiftelsen Nordnorsk kunstmuseum (NNKM) writes in a press release that they have decided to release the director Jérémie McGowan from his fixed term with the museum of fine arts.

He resigns the position already in the morning, 1. april.

NO SPARKING: Chairman of the board Grete Ellingsen denies that they have given McGowan fired.

Photo: press photo / Northern Norwegian art museum

– We have not given him, and neither on short notice. When he started in this åremålsstillingen, he wrote a disclaimer where it says that anytime within the period of åremålet, the board may come back and fix the director from the contract, explains the chairman of the board Grete Ellingsen to NRK.

She says that this can be done without having to justify the decision.

Rejects speculation

Olli speculate about the sudden sparkingen of McGowan may have something with his involvement for the sami to make.

Maybe Jérémie McGowan was a little too strong sami voice? I have a little uggen feeling. I’m a little afraid that Jérémie its support to the sami can be a reason that he was dismissed, claims Olli.

award-WINNING EXHIBITION: the Exhibition “There is no Sami dáiddamusea” led to the public record and the Northern norway art museum won several awards.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

This denies Ellingsen recommended.

I can only betrygge Olli that it does not have any root in reality and it has never been involved in the assessment. So that she needs not to be worried about, bedyrer Ellingsen.