With the gradual easing of the Anti-Corona measures dares to Austria as one of the first countries in Europe a step in the direction of normality. As of today, all of the small shops with less than 400 square meters of retail space, as well as the construction and the garden may open markets.

Of these, around 80 per cent of all retailers can benefit. In Vienna alone, therefore, approximately 4500 shops are allowed to sell their Goods. The step after four weeks of standstill for almost all sectors of the economy is associated with risks. So far, Austria, thanks to earlier and more stringent measures from the worst effects of the Corona pandemic have been spared.

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Therefore, the procedure is associated with strict conditions. All customers and employees are required to wear Mouth guards, the minimum distance of one metre is to be observed, and the number of customers in the sales area is limited. The Cover of the mouth and nose by a special protection or a scarf will in all means of public transport for duty. Also, the output restrictions remain, in principle, until the end of April.

dealers threaten penalties of up to 3600 Euro.

The opening Hours of the shops are on the 7.40 am to 19 PM, limited. Traders, the to many customers Locally, you must expect up to 3600 Euro fine. “I urgently call on you to follow all the safety measures the first part of the opening consistently,” stressed health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Green).

Positive development in Austria

In international comparison the development of the corona cases in Austria is more favorable. The number of Neugenesenen exceeds for some time the new infections are among. The clinics are located far from bottlenecks in the supply of serious cases. In total, there are currently in the Alpine Republic, around 6500 people are infected with Sars-CoV-2. Around 1000 patients are in the hospital. The number of available hospital beds for people suffering from the lung disease Covid-19, is 20 000.

In a second stage, to from the 2. May are allowed to open on all transactions in Austria, including the hairdressers count. From mid-may to the bars and Restaurants could follow. The government has done all of the steps of a continued favourable development in case numbers depending on the.

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