the Servers of the government agencies of Australia became the object of widespread malicious hacker attacks. As the Prime suspect, the authorities are considering China, say sources close to the Australian government. The hackers were hunting including experience COVID-19.

the head of the Australian Ministry of defense Linda Reynolds urged users to upgrade the web servers or mail servers, the latest software and use multifactor authentication. And the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, said that the hackers operated with the support of a state. “Their goal was the Ministry, the headquarters of industrial companies, political organizations, educational agencies, medical agencies, providers of water, heat and electricity, as well as the authorities responsible for the security of our infrastructure, – said the head of the Australian government. Data indicate that the cyber attack was organized with the support of the state because only the state may be such opportunities and power in computer hacking”.

the Senior analyst of the center ciberpolitica the Australian strategic policy Institute Tom Ouren shared with ABC News the assumptions that such opportunities can have only China, the United States, Britain and Russia, the resources needed also have North Korea and Iran.

“the US and the UK has the opportunity, but no motivation to do it. This is a very small list,” he added, hinting that there’s only one country that would like to implement it. Also, according to the expert, during the cyber attacks Hagerty hunting materials related to the pandemic COVID-19. “If you knew how to work one or the other vaccine, you could invest in her production earlier, he said. And it would be possible to obtain huge economic benefits”.

Three sources close to the government of Australia and informed on the issue, told Reuters that those responsible for these acts of Canberra believes Beijing. Australian intelligence also failed to find a trace of the Ministry of state security of China in cyber attacks on the country’s Parliament and the three main political parties ahead of the may elections.

Recall that the relationship between Australia and its major trading partner, China, has recently sharply deteriorated. The reason for this was the call of Canberra to the international community for an international investigation of the causes of a new type of coronavirus, which first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year.

In response to this initiative, the PRC has imposed 80 percent duty on imports of Australian barley, suspended some imports of beef �� warned Chinese students and tourists from visiting the country, accusing Australia in racist sentiments.