In the night of 4 to 5 may await mankind at the same time the two astronomical events –a maximum of a meteor shower, the May Aquarids and the flyby of comet C/T2 2017 through the nearest to the Sun point of the orbit. Astrologers have shared their opinions about this event.

As claimed by self-proclaimed experts on the impact of events in the cosmos on the fate of people, a meteor shower from the constellation of Aquarius will help people of creative professions to create masterpieces, as well as a positive impact on the gut of all people. At the same time to make hasty decisions on the day of the meteor shower is not recommended. It is important to monitor their own emotions astrologers believe and in connection with the comet. It is also alleged that in the period before and after stargazing could make it easier to absorb new knowledge, provided that the information will be drawn from authentic sources.

of Course, modern science considers the impact of comets and falling stars on people’s behavior is directly proportional to the propensity of these people to self-hypnosis. The psychological mechanism by which it seems that the predictions of astrologers are true, is called the “bias bias”.

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