As the education of students in Italy took on parents

let’s Start with the fact that on March 4 my son Dante, pupil 1 “B” class, released from school without textbooks and notebooks, and in the evening of the same day it became known that educational institutions will be opened only on April 3. Having taken a break for the weekend, the administration informed the parents that they have exactly two hours to pick up the textbooks. Leaving everything behind, I rushed to school, and what was my disappointment when instead of a giant set of books and workbooks, they gave me only two textbooks. Despite the fact that many parents due to objective and subjective reasons, were not able to pick up the materials the same day through a school chat sent us a rather extensive assignment, the implementation of which took several days. Then came the suspicious silence that lasted almost a week, during which children, who and so went crazy from the “house arrest”, has been dormant.

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It lasted as long as we do with mothers not told the teachers through intermediaries (direct access we have to him there), that the Ministry of education has established a special online platform for remote learning WeSchool, which would be good for all of us to connect. I have the feeling that for them this news was a revelation. We lay still for five days (I admit that the teachers were busy mastering program), sent us another batch of jobs, and then were obliged to register in the system, not bothering to explain in writing, or at least in the form of audio,, how to build virtual training. The logic apparently is this: he who is realized – well, and who is not is his problem.

somewhere between 20 th at we suddenly began to pour from the horn of plenty online tests, mmnogochislennye tables and brochures with the tasks of 30-40 pages each. We put before the fact: “print materials where you want, on your own money in a total quarantine, perform them with your child, and then kindly send a scanned job to be teachers.” All is good, but in many families there is not the printer, but even a computer with Internet access. How to be in such an embarrassing, if not humiliating situation? For example, the mother of one student from a class Dante not to let his son carefully rewrote all the assignments in a notebook. The mind boggles! I admit that she may have a lot of free time, and how, I ask, to be working parents?

the yard is almost April, but none of the Italian teachers have not played a single online lesson

by the Way, about your parents. Something tricky happened that the teacher skilfully took on their tired shoulders almost the entire educational process. It’s already almost April, but none of the teachers have not played a single online lesson. While on the platform, in addition to the “wall”, where they write us a short message, “whiteboard”, which drained all of the material, including instructional videos from YouTube, section “tests” (they are executed in real time), there is a Live compartment and to conduct “live” lessons. While the latter category for unknown reasons virgin empty. All our attempts to figure out when will start online classes, was a failure. I don’t know about other kids, but the lack of any contact with the teachers has on my son is extremely demotivating influence the child, who until recently loved and wanted to learn, impossible to do the lessons. He just doesn’t understand what he strain. The only feedback from “Maestra” – the short answer via e-mail to another portion of the submitted jobs. Given that teachers are paid during this period wages in full size, I think this approach is negligent and consumer in relation to the parents who have to work really, because, unfortunately, just so their salaries no one pays…

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To a certain point for the sake of the child we tried at the expense of their time, health and what really there to hide the nerves meekly obey and do what we say. But my patience was finally exhausted last Friday, when the head of the parent Committee sent us on WhatsАpp a list of 11 tutorials from 80 to 114 pages each to print with the purpose of the subsequent performance of all tasks under the guidance of all those poor parents. I was lucky a little more than others, I have a printer at home, but no one, even the most powerful machine, will not withstand such intensity, not to mention what cartridge to buy just anywhere. After waiting a few moments in the hope that someone from parents will be outraged, I could not resist and decided to Express their fundamental position, convincingly explaining that personally I would never spend a fortune on the printout of students, for which I already paid good money.

“don’t You think much more logical and fair would be to retrieve materials from the closed school, give their parents on the street, observing all sanitary regulations?”, – I wrote in the chat. After my post fell down similar proposals. In the end, we promised to convey this information to the administration. Now I’m waiting for the verdict Director and the possible involvement of a local emergency.

Think of the books we will eventually return, since we’re in summer need. Although the Minister of educationtion while strangely silent about when the “temple of knowledge” will once again open its doors, there is little doubt that this will not happen before September.