30 APR Thomas Moore turned 100 years old. Shortly before the anniversary he got into the Guinness book of records as the oldest performer, who headed the British musical hits. But that’s not all you need to know about Moore.

a world war II vet just wanted to make something for health service UK (NHS), and at the same time to thank the medics who helped him recently in the treatment of cancer and hip fracture. Together with his daughter, Moore came up with a campaign to raise funds for one of the online platforms. He promised to get around with the Walker 100 times your yard before it will be 100 years old. Planned to collect 1000 pounds. But after a couple of days after the start of the “marathon” on his account received more than 5 million pounds of donations.

the Veteran went were the money every second from all over the world. The hundredth circle, he finished two weeks before the century, bringing the total for NHS for more than 28 million pounds (32 million euros). Homestretch Moore has overcome live Bi-bi-si, thanking him, the Minister of health: “Captain Tom, you inspire us all.”

And the captain decided not to stay and participated in the recording of the songs with the tenor Michael ball and the choir of the medics. “You’ll never walk alone” (Rus. “You’ll never walk alone” written in 1945, sang Sinatra, Presley, is also the anthem of the fans of “Liverpool”) in their performance climbed to the top of charts and became the best selling British single (proceeds from sales go to the NHS).

And more. All the letters passed through the British mail, 27 April-1 may, were marked with the same stamp: “Happy 100th birthday, captain Thomas Moore — hero who collected money for the NHS”.