In new Hampshire arrested “socialite” Ghislaine Maxwell, the right hand of the notorious Jeffrey Epstein. It was she, according to investigators, picked up the underage girls to “work” in escort Agency billionaire. Maxwell, according to witnesses, was familiar with many VIP clients Epstein. And according to rumors, she’s personally satisfied intimate connection between Prince Andrew and a teenage girl. Now she will appear before the court and her testimony can lead to jail many famous faces.

“Epstein didn’t kill himself” – this phrase became almost a motto of conspiracy theorists of all stripes over the past year, demonstrating the distrust of the strange suicide of the arrested billionaire on August 10 last year.

too many in this story of suspicious items, which are superimposed on what Jeffrey Epstein, who was arrested in 2019 in new York and charged with the management of the network supplying under-age girls for sex, knew too much. Almost all representatives of the elite was beneficial to the secrets of the organizer of sexual entertainment to go with him to the grave. After the death of Epstein’s many exhaled with relief, but as it turned out, prematurely.

the Accomplice and main squeeze Jeffrey Epstein 58-year-old Ghislaine Maxwell decided to stop hiding from American justice and arrived in new Hampshire, where he was detained by FBI agents.

the Reasons for its action very mysterious – she had a passport of France and Israel, where she has been successfully hiding for nearly a year, while being in the international wanted list. Conspiracy theorists believe that the reason for this was threats to her life, because while alive Ghislaine Maxwell, the secrets of the Jeffrey Epstein may emerge.

Prosecutors say that in the period from 1994 to 1997, Maxwell helped Epstein to lure in underage girls (some were at the age of 14 years). The woman suspected that she found girls the understanding they took with them to shopping or to a movie – and then forced them to make Epstein the massage, during which they were subjected to sexual violence.

Ghislaine was accused of sexual crimes, and could theoretically bring charges of trafficking. In the first case, she faces up to 35 years in prison, the second time can be enormous.

However, the point of Epstein decided to take the risk for a long time to be behind bars. This may mean that to be free she really was dangerous.

Now Ghislaine Maxwell can tell a lot of what do not have time to tell Jeffrey Epstein. One of the most interesting episodes is the investigation against Virginia Roberts rape and molesting. Roberts blames these deeds of the son of the British Queen, Prince Andrew. According to her, Ghislaine Maxwell was a direct witness of this crime.

moreover, Maxwell allegedly said that the Roberts at that time was a minor. She invited the Prince to guess how old Virginia Roberts. After that, she announced that the girl is only 17 years old. Hearing this, the Prince wasn’t embarrassed at all, but only noted that his own daughter only a little younger.

After that, between Virginia Roberts and Prince Andrew, she says, there were several intimate contacts with intermediaries in which were Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The relationship ended when the girl decided to run away from billionaire and flew to Thailand.

Prince Andrew all charges in his address denies, claiming that it is a lie. However, he only inclined to cooperate with U.S. prosecutors: they claim that the command of the Prince is doing everything to sabotage the process. Royal son at the moment does not even consider the option to fly to America to testify in the case of Epstein. However, soon the situation may change.

If Ghislaine Maxwell to confirm under oath the information that Andrew raped a minor girl while knowing her real age, and realizing this, the pressure on the British Royal family will be unbearable. In addition, between the United States and the United Kingdom there is an agreement on mutual extradition of criminals, and the Royal family will be hard to prove why this rule should not apply to Prince Andrew, as it applies to the ordinary subjects of Her Majesty.

However, this is the most negative scenario. Not the fact that she is Ghislaine Maxwell wants to reveal the dirty secrets of the powerful. On the other hand, she may try to make a deal with the investigation. Then she will tell everything she knows in exchange for a symbolic punishment. Although, as the experience of Jeffrey Apsana, before the hearing is still necessary to survive. It is possible that with Ghislaine Maxwell something happens in that moment when you turn off the camera, and the guards will leave their posts.