A computer scientist and an art gallery owner have been arrested in Slovenia for allegedly spying for Russia. Access should be in December. The two are said to have posed as a married couple. It is still unclear how far the connections to the Russian secret service went.

The Slovenian secret service Sova and the investigative agency NPU have arrested a foreign couple suspected of spying for Russia. The public prosecutor’s office in Ljubljana confirmed relevant reports from the Slovenian media to the STA news agency on Monday. The couple’s arrest and arrest took place last December. The prosecutor’s office is currently preparing the indictment, the agency said.

As reported by Slovenian portals, the two spy suspects are a couple who came to Ljubljana from Buenos Aires. The man is said to have run an information technology company there and the woman an art gallery. Their secret service activities are said to have reached beyond Slovenia.

The two pretended to be a married couple, their children were taken over by the welfare service after the arrest. According to this information, the woman is Argentine. The man’s citizenship is not known. When founding his company in Ljubljana in 2017, he is said to have spoken German at the notary. During the interrogations, both suspects stated that they did not have Russian citizenship.

The media reports do not reveal which Russian secret service they worked for. Prosecutors and Sova declined to provide further information to STA, citing confidentiality regulations.

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