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the Crematorium on Berjaflot in Odda is one of two in Vestland and handling kremasjonar from the municipalities in Hardanger and Haugesund joint fellesrådsområde.

it has the crematorium allowed to kremera up to 200 persons in a year.

But now, the County in Vestland given the crematorium allowed to utføra up to 270 kremasjonar per year, as a prelude that many older people can come to die in a short time under the koronapandemien.

Because of the unresolved situation we are in, and as we know not the extent of, we must be in readiness to signal that it may lead to an increase in the number of people that die in the population, ” says kyrkjeverje Liv Eirill Evensen in The joint council.

Can increase the capacity of 32.000

In Norway there is a total of 25 ” how, on average, will be cremated around 18.000 persons a year.

the Strict environmental requirements for preventing emissions of dust and pollutants do that in a normal situation are limitations on how many they can kremera.

Krematoria in Norway have together a capacity of about 24.000 kremasjonar per year within the ordinary arbeidstida to the staff, it will tell you, without that the staff must work at night or writing overtime. But omnane has technically higher capacity, according to the government.

Figures from 2013 show that omnane the capacity to kremere about 32.000 people a year in the Uk.

to stave off infection it also introduced new rules for the implementation of the gravferdsseremoniar, how it en only are allowed to have a maximum of 50 persons present.

CAN BE FEWER GRAVLEGGINGAR: The municipality has signaled that it is in a crisis situation cannot påreknast that the municipality can be with beredskapshjelp to kistegraving.

Photo: Speech Hauso / NRK Believeth not on ekstremsituasjon

It’s Monday not registered smittetilfelle of korona in The. Randi Moskvil Letmolie jobs in the employer’s organisation for kristelege enterprises.

She says it’s not utenkeleg that the number of kremasjonar will increase in the future.

But this dependency is so clear of how many people who come to die.

Photo: Speech Hauso / NRK

It is up to each individual ” to consider when they need to increase the capacity. Then they must apply for exemption from the County.

According to the Letmolie have the Norwegian krematoria per no capacity to betena a potential increase.

She believeth not, however, there is reason to fear a situation where people cannot choose whether they want to be cremated or buried.

” that’s When I think we’re talking about a ekstremsituasjon. I don’t think we will go there in the overskodeleg future from those numbers we see today, ” says Letmolie.

She gets the support of the secretary of state has been Hallaråker Heggelund (KrF) says in a comment that she does not think it is necessary for the churches date to insert the time large measures locally.

Although the crematorium in The are well prepared for what is to come, is kyrkjeverja in The dislocation that they shall not be able to conduct as many kistegravleggingar as they are accustomed to.

– the Way it looks now it may ligga an to the that more have to choose cremation in a time where men die more, says kyrkjeverja.

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