The drop in sales on the market of new buildings business class in Moscow was less pronounced than in the mass and premium segments. Market participants attribute this to the introduction of preferential mortgage programs and formal growth projects business-class in the overall structure of the proposal. But the consultants do not advise to developers working in this segment, relax: that their audience has suffered from the crisis stronger than others.The segment of new buildings business-a class in Moscow proved to be the most resilient to the crisis. According to Knight Frank, the total for the first half of this class were sold 6.7 thousand apartments is only 10% lower than the same period last year. Analysts “Metrium” estimate the drop in the number of registered contracts equity (DDU) in projects of business class in 13%. At the same time in the mass segment, the number of transactions for the first half decreased by 26% and in the premium segment by 37%.Director of consulting and Analytics Knight Frank Olga Shirokova noted that some potential buyers decided to postpone transactions until the situation stabilizes. But the positive factor for the market expert calls a program of subsidizing mortgage rates to 6.5%. Against this background, it is estimated the share of transactions involving loans in the segment of business class in the first six months increased from 39% to 49%.Commercial Director A101 Anna Boim calls an additional factor, stimulating sales, increasing the share of business class in the overall structure of buildings. She cites the example of New Moscow, where in this segment exhibited 46% of the available lots. Commercial Director of the group “homeland” Ksenia Yuryeva said that the dynamics between mass market and business class are increasingly blurred: the choice of housing buyers are oriented not on a class project, and the location, accessibility, price and quality. Formally, the activity of developers of projects of business class has not increased: according to estimates by Knight Frank, during the first half they brought to the market 4 thousand lots, which was the same value last year.Managing partner of “Metrium” Maria Litinetskaya sure to relax developers are not worth it, now this segment is the most vulnerable. “The crisis hit primarily in the consumer audience of this housing,” she says. In this segment mistress Litinetskaya expects further price growth. Since the beginning of the year it is estimated the average cost of a new business-class in Moscow grew by 7% and amounted to 259 thousand rubles per sq. m Positive dynamics due to the mortgage and are waiting for developers. Marketing Director Alexander Mamokhina Level Group notes that due to the expansion limit of the cost of purchased housing to 12 million rubles., the proportion of lots of the mass segment, getting��ing under the preferential program increased from 85% to 95%, while business-class — from 65% to 80%. But Ksenia Yuryeva waiting until the developers will take a wait and see position, fixing prices in projects in the summer. The expert explained that, although now on the market there is a surge in demand, its nature is unclear until the end: it is dictated by new subsidized mortgage program, or are sold in the market is postponed for the duration of the restrictions on the movement of the transaction.Alexandra Mertsalova