Anna Chapman, who became known as “Agent 00Sex”, has now produced a “documentary” on the Ukraine war. In this perfidious propaganda show, the former Russian spy presents herself as a “journalist” and asks: “Why is Germany so obsessed with war?”

She was a Russian spy and known in Western media as “Agent 00Sex”: Anna Chapman. Now she’s trying her hand at journalism and attracting attention with a dubious documentary about the war in Ukraine.

The article entitled “Red Alert”. Germany: Fall of an Empire?” is pure Kremlin propaganda. Germany is being overwhelmed with absurd accusations well-known character Anna Chapmann in German is trying to spread brazen lies and to split the German public.

Anna Wassiljewna Chapman has a turbulent past. “Moscow Undercover Girl”, “Spy 90-60-90”, “Agent 00Sex”. She has many names, originally her name was Kushchenko. She comes from Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad. She became publicly known in 2010 after the FBI in organized a ring of Russian agents in the US Chapman was one of the nine spies exposed.

In the same year she was allowed to return to Moscow thanks to an agent exchange. Since then, her career in Russia has skyrocketed – she has become a patriotic style icon. She worked as a TV presenter, model and fashion designer. Her name says it all in her home country.

In her latest project, “Red Alert”, Chapman makes it clear that “red” is her colour. In the 50-minute “documentary” the former spy presents herself as an ambitious journalist, her face adorns the opening credits and the keyword: “investigation” next to it. .

The short film makes two statements typical of the Kremlin in connection with the “Russian military operation”: On the one hand, Germany is accused of pursuing a “murderous” course, since the German government in Ukraine actively supports the imperialist expansion course of the EU and NATO.

Second, Germany is on a “suicidal trip” by maneuvering itself into an energy crisis. Both accounts are a mere reversal of facts.

But that doesn’t bother Chapman. She speaks to numerous people in the documentary – there are no critical voices against the Kremlin boss among the predominantly Russian protagonists. A pro-Russian ex-GDR citizen named Liane Kilinc is hailed as a heroine throughout the film.

She is the chairwoman of the association “Peace Aid War Victims Aid” in Berlin, which allegedly donates relief supplies to the people of Donbass and Donetsk. Her statement: Ukraine itself is behind the attacks on the region and is responsible for the many fatalities.

The fact is: the area is part of Ukraine, but Russian President Vladimir Putin sees it as part of Russia, contrary to international law, and is trying to incorporate the region by force. Chapman fails to mention this fact and the sad truth that many die on his quest for conquest.

Rather, the documentary criticizes the fact that “not a single major German medium questions Berlin’s anti-Russian policy.” In this context, Chapman brings the long-time journalist of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Udo Ulfkotte, into play as an “expert”. In his book “Bought Journalists”, the author, who died years ago, describes how the media allegedly lies to and manipulates the German population.

Ulfkotte is extremely popular among conspiracy theorists, and he was also considered a supporter of the Pegida movement. A video by Ulfkotte from 2014 is shown in the film, in which he warns people about the German and American “lying press”. It is not specified where Ulfkotte’s recording came from. In any case, the video cannot be found on YouTube.

Ulfkotte died of a heart attack in 2017 – according to “Agentin 00Sex” a “strange coincidence”.

According to Chapman, people who do not expressly oppose Putin feel compelled to leave Germany. She cites journalist Ken Jebsen as an example. He is allowed to spread lies unchallenged. He states that the Germans are being brainwashed by the mass media. Jebsen is now considered an influential conspiracy ideologist, and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution lists him as a suspect.

In the documentary, one common propaganda lie from the Kremlin is spread after another. Jebsen, for example, says that like many others who spoke out “critically” against the “mainstream” in Germany, he was “persecuted”. Some critics are said to have even been imprisoned. The documentation does not list any sources or evidence for these outrageous claims.

The fact that Putin, for his part, systematically shuts down critics of the system, such as the imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny, is being ignored. Press censorship in Russia is also not dealt with.

According to the documentary, the fact that Germany, as Chapman puts it, developed into a “dictatorship” began in 1990. The East German Kilinc is again shown as the key witness for this nonsense. “We haven’t had democracy for a long time, at least not in the Federal Republic”. , says Liane Kilinc, who felt and still feels the reunification as “an annexation”.

In view of Russia’s militarily enforced annexation of Crimea in 2014, the film seems almost ironic at this point.

According to her, Liane Kilinc’s father worked in the GDR for the Ministry for State Security (Stasi). “My father has been banned from working until the end of his life, and why? Because he served my homeland, my state.” Kilinc is silent about the crimes committed by the Stasi – oppression, kidnapping, up to and including murder.

In the final part of the film, Chapman accuses the federal government of failure. Germany is suffering from the massive energy costs resulting from turning away from Russian gas. That harms the German economy and means that many Germans have to freeze. “We should maintain our friendship with Putin, it’s cheaper and better,” says Ken Jebsen.

Here, too, it is clear what means the Putin disciples are working with. They take on an existing problem, the energy crisis and rising costs, to drive a wedge in society.

Like many other Kremlin propagandists, however, they remain silent about the fact that Russia’s war of aggression was the main cause of this crisis, and that numerous people in Ukraine lost their lives as a result of the war – and will probably lose them in the future. Continuing to purchase Putin’s gas would be tantamount to condoning his actions. It becomes clear who approves and welcomes these acts: Anna Chapmann.