Animal feed is included in the list of commodities

food for dogs and cats are sold in grocery networks, and because these stores will be open during dead week, starving Pets will not. In addition, in connection with the inclusion of feed and medicines for animals in the list of commodities, will continue to work and pet shops.

In Moscow, the animals will be free to instill at home against rabies

How to protect yourself and Pets from bringing the virus home after a walk? How untrue data on cases of infection of dogs and cats new virus, you can read about them in the media? On these issues, “RG” said the head of the Association of veterinary practitioners Sergey Sereda.

“up Until now, the who in its recommendations in connection with the pandemic of the novel coronavirus reports that there is no evidence supporting the possibility of infection by the coronavirus from the animal to human and Vice versa. So I would trust official sources of information rather than unconfirmed media reports,” said Sergei Sereda.

Photo: Roman Serbenkov the Moscow zoo began to broadcast feeding animals

At the same time, according to him, it is necessary to observe hygiene and animal hygiene of a person when communicating with Pets. “I, for example, after a walk with his dog necessarily good my her feet regardless of dry weather on the street or dirty and wet, – said Sergey Sereda. – I do it always, not just now in connection with the novel coronavirus. Let’s not forget that we live next to hundreds of various infectious agents, and many of them are dangerous for animals and for humans. Therefore, hygiene is a necessary condition for the health of the animal”. In particular, Sergey Sereda saidl the threat of rabies and recalled that before the onset of the summer season, it is important to be vaccinated against rabies and dogs and cats. “According to the rules existing in Russia, such inoculation is obligatory once a year”, – said the expert.

Sergey Sereda also said that the presence of cats or dogs in the house is a big plus in terms of quarantine. “Animals help you survive a stressful situation. In terms of isolation they provide their owners with invaluable psychological support, help to remain it in a relaxed mood”.