Despite a lighter lethargic start, from all indications, the success story of Rudolph Care continues.

People have still a taste for Andrea Elisabeth Rudolphs organic and sustainable beauty products, and millionerne pour in.

It appears the company’s just published annual accounts from 2019. A set of accounts, which is filled with green figures.

Rudolph Care, as the former tv host, is director of, delivered last year to a profit of 16.7 million crowns before tax, which corresponds to 12.9 million dollars when skattefar is paid.

This is an increase of no less than 2.5 million after tax, compared with the year before.

‘the end result is considered very satisfactory,’ reads the executive summary as also in ledelesesberetningen.

Since 2018 is the company’s equity also increased by over eight million, and now stands at 33 of its kind.

all in All it seems, then, that Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph made a profitable decision, when she chose to look away from the host the path and focus on a career path paved with beauty products.

the Tale of Rudolph Care started in 2006, when Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph was pregnant with her first child and took a simple blood test. The blood sample was part of a Greenpeace campaign to put the focus on chemicals.

And Andrea Elisabeth Rudolphs result was disturbing: She was the of the eight participants with the most unwanted chemicals in the blood and large parts of which originated from the beauty products, who else should have done her so well.

Thus was the building blocks for Rudolph Care laid, and in 2009 the former tv host will present his new career.

The first year of the company’s financial statements characterized by red figures on the bottom line, but after four years could finally presents black figures, since it was passed in zero.

But with the happy news also came a bad:

Just as the company was afloat, smoke Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph down in the darkness deep. She went down with the stress and had to sygemelde themselves.

Something went up for her, as her husband, Claus Møller Jakobsen, one day in 2013, confronted her with a list he had printed out from the net.

the List showed a variety of symptoms of stress. And reluctantly had to Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph to acknowledge that she could cross at several points.

“I had a board meeting the day after, and Claus said, that I should tell them this, but I thought it was so embarrassing. I was so ashamed of it. I was been affected by stress? I did not understand it.”

“I began to tudbrøle before the board meeting, and I thought, how typical kvindeagtigt to start crying. I was SO tired of it,” has Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph previously told to All of the ladies.

When she once again came to his feet, she had, however, learned an important lesson: She didn’t have to clear everything myself.

in recent years, the company has hired more employees. In 2019 went Rudolph Care of to have 12 to 17 full-time employees.

so, what’s with the 2020? Many companies are suffering in these days of huge losses because of the current corona-crisis.

At Rudolph Care A/S, however, the courage high and the work continues to become even more sustainable.

‘the Effect of covid-19-the crisis makes it difficult to assess the outlook for 2020, but the management feel confident that there will be realized a satisfactory result.’

‘There is not in addition from the balance sheet date and until today, the circumstances have occurred, which changes the assessment of the annual report,’ does this sound finally in the optimistic management.