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First initiated sjefsepidemolog Anders Tegnell of Sweden the press conference about koronapandemien in the country by saying that the death toll he presented was inaccurate due to lag because of the weekend and off days at easter.

– the Numbers of deceased per day is what we can rely at least on in the day, so it’s going to be quite a lot higher numbers on this after the weekend.

Then replied, he is all the criticism about the choice of the strategy for the limitation of koronaepidemien in Sweden. A strategy he himself is hovedarkitekten behind.

Criticism from the 22 researchers bounced off the

In a post on the debate forum of Today’s News type 22 Swedish researchers that the Swedish authorities have failed, and that the elected representatives must now intervene. They claim, among other things, that the death toll in Sweden is now approaching them you have seen in Italy.

On today’s press conference dismissed Tegnell all criticism as wrong and small precise.

I do not understand what they mean. Health care has all the time been in control, ” said Tegnell before he continued:

– If you look at the curve we have pretty consistently had around 60 dead per day. Where we will land after the weekend. We have had an unfortunate development within the eldreomsorgen, and we have begun to work hard with.

Tegnell also believed that his isn’t had been mistaken in the factual basis of his criticism.

– I will deny that we don’t have an elaborate strategy. The death toll is not correct. In Italy recorded only deaths in hospitals. There are some basic errors in the criticism. More I do not want to comment.

He also said that it is too early to conclude what strategy has worked best in this phase of the pandemic, among other things, because different countries are in different stages of the outbreak.

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