Actor Pelle Emil Hebsgaard love to run at the drive-in-cinema, and he is a big fan of Peter Ingemann.

in the past went actor Pelle Emil Hebsgaard much in the cinema, but after that he become a father, it has been a little more difficult.

Therefore love the 31-year-old actor to pack the car and run in drive-in cinema with his son and his wife, radio host Claudia Rex.

If he must watch tv at home on the couch, then he will be like a good drama-comedy – or a program with Peter Ingemann.

Here Pelle Emil Hebsgaard, who from 1. april is current as host on livsstilsprogrammet “Sommerdrømme” on Danish TV2, about her kulturforbrug:

Which film saw you last?

– We have not seen many movies, but the last was probably “the Queen”. It is so shocking and well-acted that you almost get hurt over it all.

– My favorite movies have to be “Life Is Beautiful”. It has been sitting in me since I saw it gradually a number of years ago. The sat really, really hard for me, for I was enormously touched.

– Of the recent films is the “Joker”, for it was so crazy. Joaquin Phoenix plays the ass out of the pants. It is so hard to do what he does, and he does it just so smooth and amazing. It is a movie, where you go from the chamber completely tongue-tied.

What series are streamer you?

– To stream is probably what we do most here at home. Our yndlingsserie change a little, some days you feel like “Handmaid’s tale”, and other days you feel like “Peaky Blinders” or “Westworld”.

– But I have my own series, which Claudia does not become angry that I watch without her, and it is the “Sopranos”. I’ve probably been through it four times, and with good reason. It is so good.

– I also love everything with Peter Ingemann. Particularly in these times, where everything is disaster and chaos. So, they don’t need more of it. And then I have it like this: “we Must not just see something feel good with Peter Ingemann?”. He is so clever and human, so it is always a pleasure.

What programs can get you to turn on the tv?

– Right now we see very flow-screen tv, because, of course, we follow very much in the news about coronakrisen, but otherwise do we actually not.

– Flow-tv is somewhat of a dying breed, and we would like to even be able to press pause and play. It is 100 percent the future, but I miss yet flow-screen tv. The sum in the background.

What podcast are you listening to?

– I am running very much in the car, when I go out for shooting, and I call actually the car of my study. Which disconnects, I like very much, and I love to listen to podcasts about real stories from people who even tell them.

I especially love “The Moth” and “Strangers”. I really like the English. Their vocabulary is larger and more picturesque than the Danish, I think.

What book is on your nightstand?

– There is my Kindle, which is almost my girlfriend own. On the is 55 books and waiting. Right now I am reading Ken Folletts World Without End”. He can suck one completely into the story, and his characters are so detailed and engrossing that you can’t other than to eat the books.

– I have it also to with Jan Guillou. I am absolutely insanely fascinated by the historical tales. On vacations I was as a child always about to throw up, when we were entering to see one or another important church, but it has nevertheless set itself, for now I’m the type who run around and will see historic buildings.

Where are you going to be cultural?

– We have an infant, so to go out and be cultural is a thing of the past. But would we, so would we take on the restaurant or perhaps take in and see my colleagues in a theatrical performance.

And so we have in fact a drive-in movie theater nearby, and we use as much as possible. Everything is just easier and more comfortable. If the baby is crying, disturb you no, and it is cozy with quilts and pillows. If we were in the cinema, we would run at the drive-in.

– My friends and I also go on an annual trip to a european city. We go out in the city with a six-pack each, and one of the guys is deeply fascinated by history and architecture, so he can talk about buildings and castles for hours.

– Then we go around and drink beer, while his ævler. We are, then, quite sincerely cultural, but in a slightly relaxed drengerøvsmåde, and we come home as completely new people.