“In the case of ordinary terminations due to rent arrears, we need the possibility that the amount due can be paid by the move-out date in order to cancel the termination,” Geywitz told the “Bild am Sonntag”.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) called on Geywitz to implement the resolutions on the third relief package quickly. “The relief package states very clearly that adjustments to energy law are intended to prevent people from being left without electricity and gas. And work should be done on social tenancy law. I am assuming that my colleague, Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann, is already preparing this intensively,” said Geywitz.

In order to curb the sharp rise in land prices, Geywitz called on the municipalities not to sell their land, but to give it a leasehold. “You cannot increase soil. Then he’s gone. We are breaking through speculation with land prices,” said Geywitz. “In addition, the right of first refusal for municipalities must finally be strengthened. When communities have first access to land, they are in a much better bargaining position.”

According to Geywitz, one consequence of the current energy, skilled labor and supply chain crisis will be that in Germany there will be more reliance on serial and modular construction. “Everyone who is currently building notices that it has become more expensive. In this situation, we have to think about how we can work to keep prices down,” said Geywitz. “If we want to build more apartments with the same number of skilled workers, this can only be done with serial or modular construction. Important here: With a view to climate change, we cannot screw up the standards and, for example, do less insulation or do without solar roofs”.