Elman Pashayev, the representative of the interests of Michael Ephraim in the case of fatal accidents, regularly performs with some strange statements, which then he himself refutes.

Not for the first time his statements raise a heated discussion in the network.

He owns the version that supposedly the artist was rushing to save the family of his friend, who was at that time in Ukraine, as well as a statement on behalf of Ephraim that he did not commit the crime and does not admit his guilt”, and several strange and confusing statements that, in principle, for a human rights defender is unacceptable.

Express newspaper apalpador the opinions of friends and colleagues of Mikhail Efremov. They wonder whether a competent lawyer hired actor?

Or is it Pashayev is a kind of strange, but a deliberate strategy?

So, the publication quoted the international journalist Maxim Novikov, friend Ephraim:”I read that he is a bad lawyer. But in Russia, the lawyers no. I with actors of the Sovremennik communicate. All in shock, too.”

Actress “Contemporary” Maria Anikanova wrote on FB:

“Well, that’s the impression that the lawyer has a stream of consciousness, and Misha didn’t have to say this….how strange”.

Julia Aug also in FB sorry notes:

“The worst thing that could happen, happened – the loss of reputation and dignity. I can’t understand how the people close to Misha Efremov could hire this lawyer. Elmar Pashayev, this * * * * taskbar. Solved – without honor and dignity.”

According to media reports, Pashayeva not have a very good reputation. It supposedly even deprived of the lawyer status. But, as you say, he knows how to “deal” with the judges.

Immediately after the accident, many well-known lawyers refused to defend Ephraim. Why the actor and his family opted for the Elman Pashayev, now we can only guess.

The court is scheduled for August 9, so that soon we will see how events unfold.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Elman Pashayev, the lawyer of the actor Mikhail Yefremov, said that his client has an unusual disease — absence epilepsy.

At the time of the fatal accident, the actor allegedly occurred a seizure, which he does not remember.