The son of musical producer Bari Alibasov, Bari Alibasov Jr. is ready to bury my father. This singer Natalia Shturm said “Interlocutor”.

In 2019, as reported by “the Rambler”, Alibasov by mistake drank a tool for cleaning pipes “Mole”, the burned airway, esophagus and stomach and was in the hospital for a few days. In April 2020, his son said that after the poisoning by the producer overcame the peak of intelligence.

In June the media reported that Alibasov-the senior was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital due to the unstable condition on the background medication. In the first half of July his son confirmed it. He said that doctors diagnosed the producer Korsakoff’s psychosis and irreversible damage of the cerebral cortex and estimate the probability of his full recovery in 2%.

He also accused the wife of the father of actress Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin, her daughter Olga Shukshin, a former aide to father Andrei Nazarov and singer Valery Yurin in the attempt on the life of Alibasov, Sr. by soldering.

“This is Sonny overworked to such an extent that is really ready to bury his father, but would not get out of the TV” — said yesterday the Assault.

According to her, Alibasov Jr. uninteresting in itself, is promoted at the expense of the father, felt like a star, enjoy it and not hide it. Alibasov-older singer called kind and charming man and friend of all artists, who never with anyone publicly fighting.