Prices have been going through the roof since the beginning of the year. Many supermarkets and discounters are now going aggressively into the Christmas business. Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Edeka, Lidl, Penny or Rewe are reducing many products. FOCUS online says where you should strike now.

Lidl announces the “great saving fall”, Rewe gives out “Knaller-Coupons”, Netto Marken-Discount relies on “1 cent on fruit and vegetables”, Penny is looking forward to “festive prices” and at Aldi there are in the south and North of the country the “weekend sale”. December holds a special savings surprise for consumers.

Germany’s largest retailers are making cutbacks and reducing the prices of popular groceries. After the prices on the supermarket shelves massively increased across the board in the past few months, there is now a strong potential for savings.

Consumers can save a lot of money with brochures, coupons, apps and a “smart” shopping list.

From this weekend there will be plenty of offers at Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Edeka, Hit, Kaufland, Lidl, Netto Marken-Discount, Penny and Rewe. Bargain foxes should strike, especially with branded offers.

Specifically, there are cheap offers at

An isolated case? no

It is a lure to boost sales just before the end of the year.

Every year, retailers get into a discount battle just before Christmas. With the lure offers, the retailers want to increase the average sum per receipt and customer.

Thanks to the discounts, retailers attract many customers, who in turn are said to do a large part of their Christmas shopping there.

In any case, it is worth checking and comparing special offers. An analysis of the discount app Smhaggle, which is available to the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, shows: In many cases, supermarkets such as Edeka, Kaufland and Rewe often have lower prices for discount offers from popular brands than, for example, LIdl or Netto Marken-Discount.

And yet there are many exceptions, as a current prospectus analysis shows.

For example with the branded coffee from “Dallmayr”. While Lidl sells the 500-gram pack for 5.33 euros, Penny even sells the coffee for 4.49 euros. For comparison: The regular price of the popular coffee brand is currently 7.99 euros.

With the low-fat margarine from “Lätta” it’s the other way around. Here is the pack at Lidl for 99 cents. Penny also sells the brand in the promotion – but for 1.19 euros per pack. At Kaufland, the pack costs 2.19 euros.

A price war is also raging for detergents. Consumers can only benefit from this.

The branded detergent from “Ariel” is available in powder and liquid form (76 or 100 wash loads) at the top discounter Lidl for 16.79 euros. At Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd there is the identical product with 80 wash loads (liquid and powder) for 14.99 euros.

Here, customers have to break the price down to the load of laundry. Lidl is the cheapest with its “Ariel” powder and 100 wash loads for 16.79 euros.

In the past few months, the price of butter has risen massively. Consumers have to pay 3.49 euros for branded products for 250 grams. The butter price had risen again in the past few days.

In some brochures, however, well-known brands such as “Frau Antje”, “Meggle” or “Weihenstephan” can now be found at bargain prices.

Private label offers are even cheaper. There are currently more at Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Kaufland and Lidl.

Half a kilo of Aldi Nord’s own brand “Markus” is currently available at a bargain price of 3.19 euros. Coffee was not that cheap in the entire previous year.

Lidl scores with beer. The can of Premium Pils from the own brand “Perlenbacher” costs only 25 cents, walnut kernels from the own brand “Alesto” are available for 2.07 euros (instead of 2.59 euros). The prerequisite is that customers show the Lidl Plus app at the checkout.

At Aldi Süd, customers can save on organic low-fat quark. The price fell from 1.05 euros to 69 cents. The direct juice from “Rio D’Oro” was also reduced by almost 25 percent.

The best savings tactic is: prepare, plan, search, compare, note, look for vouchers and only then shop.

Create a weekly cooking plan and only buy food that you need for this cooking plan.

Make a note of special offers from brochures. If you can’t find a brochure or the retailer doesn’t print a flyer, check the retailer’s online site for special offers. You often have to enter a zip code there because the special offers vary by region.

The in-house apps from Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Lidl, Netto Marken-Discount, Rewe or Edeka can also help. There are also programs that combine all the promotional offers. Such apps are, for example, Smhaggle, Sparpionier, KaufDa or MarktGuru. The CHIP colleagues have put together the appropriate downloads for you.

If possible, do not engage in one-stop shopping. So don’t just go to a supermarket to do your weekly shopping. One-stop shopping is only worthwhile if you only buy private labels. Here all supermarkets and all discounters use the same prices. Also, always shop on a full stomach.

If you want to save: Do not rely on a combination of special offers from Aldi, Lidl, Penny and other retailers, from private labels and use vouchers and cashback programs.

With Cashback you buy a product and then send the photographed receipt and the purchased product to the manufacturer via mobile phone photo. They will send you the money back within 14 days.

Pay only with cash at the checkout. This is how you avoid spontaneous purchases.

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