How safe for the health of the early watermelons that have already appeared on the shelves? Every summer this question many buyers, believing that a berry stuffed with nitrates.

As told in an interview to radio Sputnik agronomist Elizaveta Tikhonova, “right” watermelons still ripen by mid-August. But consider the early watermelons crammed “chemistry” is incorrect. When mass farming to apply nitrates, in her opinion, it is difficult.

This method – the death of a watermelon – says the agronomist. – Stabbing with nitrates is not possible, the watermelon dies. Even if you enter them through the root system. These substances need the leaves, and the fruit they will not go. The only place they can appear, it is in the skin, but it and nobody eats it like that, – said Tikhonov.

is it Possible to buy early maturing fruit, which already went on sale? It turns out, nothing wrong with this for the consumer no, the berries will be less sweet.

– Now sellers trade Dagestani and Iranian watermelons. In Iran receive four of the crop. In Uzbekistan, three of the first – a film, then seedling culture and the last upland. They differ only sweetness. The more water used in growing the fruit less sweet, – says the agronomist.

As noted by Elizaveta Tikhonova, the sweetest watermelons will be available in late July – early August.