Kortrijk are in The police force of the zone of Flax, has a Saturday afternoon in Kortrijk, belgium for three young people arrested, which is not too hard. the samenscholingsverbod, and even the police are challenged. The trio had previously, alerts, and reports for the violations of the coronamaatregelen.

The incident occurred around 15: 15 on the Saint-Amandsplein in Kortrijk, belgium. A bike team from the police, the three young people and spoke to them. At this time of the corona are due to environmental factors, to which the trio were guilty, after all, is not allowed. When young people are asked where they live, and what they’re doing at St. Amandsplein, was one of them, the police officers have something in the bag to play with. He claimed to have come from Nottingham. He was, to our come to the shop. In Nottingham could be the guy in question, that is to say, not because all the stores are closed. The coronamaatregelen had the trio does not care: she smiled, facing the police, just leave.

you may Also use resistance?

all The young people, two adults and one child, started for the inspectors to-day, and spent most of their time being aggressive, and immediate reinforcement was called for. Three patrol rushed to the scene. With respect to the safety of everyone concerned, the young people were enthralled, and for questioning to the police station is transmitted. It was not really an easy job to do. Of the three, it will at least have a police report for a violation of the samenscholingsverbod, and the commission of any non-essential movement in the pants to get it also, if possible, for the rebellion. The pz Vlas was initially announced high will have to check when the easter weekend to see all of the action around the corona wire clean to be lived.