For years, the clinch between the Aldi Nord owners has repeatedly made headlines. That could finally come to an end: it seems that peace could return to the Aldi clan. The families are said to have signed a kind of “peace agreement”.

The long-standing family dispute at Aldi Nord is over. The discounter announced on Tuesday that the quarreling families of the group of companies had reached an agreement with the participation of the family foundations to settle the long-standing differences of opinion and legal disputes between them. This is intended to put an end to the struggle for power in the company that has been smoldering for years.

The background to the legal dispute between the families is the complicated ownership structure at Aldi Nord. The company is owned by three foundations based in Schleswig-Holstein: the Markus, Lukas and Jakobus foundations. Large investments and important decisions can only be approved by the foundations unanimously. For years, however, there had been disputes between the family tribes about the power in the Jakobus Foundation, which was also repeatedly fought in court.

The fact that husband Lucas Cordalis only came third in the jungle camp probably made Daniela Katzenberger a bit fuzzy last night. Nurse Jenny Frankhauser recorded the first reaction of the “cat” live – and it sounded acidic.

Prince Andrew has fallen out of favor with the abuse scandal. But he would like to contest the comparison with Virginia Giuffre and he also supposedly has an ace up his sleeve for a better image: a new “development” next month should help.

According to the wishes of the family members and the foundations, the Aldi Nord group of companies is to be reorganized in the coming months and under a uniform holding company in the form of a foundation

However, the implementation of the new group and foundation structure still requires coordination with the tax authorities and the approval of the foundation supervisory authority of the family foundations involved.