the Deputies of the State Duma summed up the spring session of 2020. Parliamentarians considered the bill and 621 took 312 of the laws. The head of the state Duma on the final session agreed that the session was challenging but eventful and effective. Amendments to the Constitution, pandemic, coronaries – elected representatives had to respond to new challenges and support the government’s fast adoption of laws. Review of parliamentary practice and the most important laws in the “MK”.

Perhaps, the main achievement of the state Duma in this session – that ensure rapid adoption of legislative decisions in the period are unique in the world phenomenon – pandemic coronavirus. However, not only the government was the initiator of these decisions. Dozens of proposals designed to facilitate the lives of citizens, was introduced by deputies. For example, on the initiative of “United Russia” introduced changes such as the ban on write-off of ten payments for children for debts, installments loans, insurance premiums, and loans for seniors as well as small and medium business.

deputies Quickly responded to the new reality of the labor market – work remotely. Have been prepared and adopted in the first reading amendments to the Labour code on remote working, which will enshrine the right “of all remote workers” for offline, fixed working hours, decent wages. Another important topic on the agenda of the faction “United Russia” was the protection of the family, which reflected the amendments to the Constitution. The session was introduced a number of laws aimed at strengthening family values and well-being of families with children. Among these bills is the amendment of the “United Russia” about change of the program netcapital and index it. The amendments extend the program until December 31, 2026, with annual indexation.

also Adopted the bill on the use of the parent capital in the purchase of property with escrow accounts. Now families will be able to send the prisoner for the purchase of housing under construction through the escrow account, which replaced the share construction agreements. In addition, the document proposes to create in the regions funds for the completion of distressed residential properties that will be financed by the Fund for the protection of rights of investors, means of Federal and regional budgets, and municipalities.

already accepted By the initiatives of “United Russia” may be the bill of the Communist party faction on guarantees of the rights of young families to housing. While the document only accepted, but it implies the preservation of the rights of Russians to use the programs for young families after the age of 36 years (used to be the threshold at 35 years of age). In the liberal democratic party has prepared a proposal for early retirement for women havingtheir title “Mother-heroine”. If the initiative is approved, the mother-heroine can count in the experience period to care for all children.

As stated by the head of the faction “United Russia” Sergei Neverov among the priorities of the EP remains the theme of medicinal maintenance of citizens. “We expect the government to more operational work and positive reviews we have prepared a comprehensive draft law to regulate the medicinal market,” he said. Soon, however, earn already adopted laws to ensure citizens ‘ medicines. In particular, the draft law on the regulation of pharmacies, which was written by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Sergei Neverov, Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev. The government also adopted the bill on distance selling of medicines, which is especially important during the period of restriction and isolation. Drugs are already sold distantsionno: over-the-counter medicines you can buy over the Internet, ordering a home delivery. Joined the topic of access to medicines and the deputies of the faction “Fair Russia”. They initiated (bill introduced) restriction of the Commission of pharmacy chains – the remuneration paid to pharmacy chains manufacturers – up to 5%. If the amendment is adopted, drugs are cheaper.

“the performance of deputies will appreciate, the voters, – the Chairman of the Board of the development Fund civil society Konstantin Kostin, – the concept of political representation MPs act in the interests of the people: a single day of voting, and then election to the state Duma show the attitude of Russians to the work of parliamentarians. While at the interim results, the ratings of “United Russia” are at a good level – in the range of 33-37%. In numbers, it’s better than the ratings of all other parties put together”.

According to the analyst, a performance indicator of MPs was their interaction with the government. “In this regard, good examples are the “United Russia”, though, because two members left on its mandate to enter government is Olga batalina (became the Deputy head of Ministry) and Alexander Gribov (became Deputy head of the government Apparatus). Pandemic showed the need for a clear interaction. A package of emergency measures which has developed the Cabinet, was made quickly thanks to the votes of the deputies of United Russia”, – said Kostin.

“From the point of view of the tasks that confronts the “United Russia” the President, the party is an effective tool,” agreed Director of the International Institute of political examination, political scientist Evgenie Minchenko.