“I must be completely shaved and sing David Bowie songs to this production. It’s about an alien, who has no ‘David Bowie freaky’ about it,” says actor Laus Høybye.

Before coronaen closed all the facilities the experienced 41-he of the idea in the story of Lazarus, which can be performed at The Royal Theatre. The show is expected to premiere in the middle of may 2020.

“the Creature struggling to get here, but are just as trapped on earth and does not know what he must put up”

In the video above the article recommends Laus Høybye three series and the film he looks right now, while he is waiting, to corona-the situation is under control.

David Bowie has written the music for the piece, where both ‘Heroes’ and ‘Life on Mars’ is a part. Visually is the performance different than what you usually expect at The Royal Theatre. Laus must, among other things soar in a great moon, while he sings.

“I am very excited and have been looking forward to making it. It is a bold challenge for me to play a big role in our nationalscene.”

Besides acting prepares Laus Høybye a show with satiregruppen ‘Platt form’, as well as the Laus consists of the actors, Mille Lehfeldt and Jakob Fauerby.

“We are slowly starting to prepare for a show, which will premiere in 2021. We’re very exited to be making our third show, as we are wagering on becomes both funnier and wilder than our first two.”

“At the moment we make some small videos on Instagram, we are called to just ‘Platt-form,” he says.

Laus Høybye has always had interest in acting and played many roles, since he was a child. One of the roles, he is known for, is the role of Crumb in the film of the same name.

After many years of acting, was Laus in doubt about what he wanted, so he began to study musicology at the university.

But it was the spectacle that drew, so when Laus was 26 years old, he was trained as an actor from the acting school in Odense.

“When I was finished, I can remember that I just had to prove that I was anything other than an actor, but fortunately it is not something I think about anymore.”

“Now I’m just glad that I’ve had work since I was trained.”

if you Ask Laus, if he has a ønskerolle, the answer is “no”.

“But I would like to play a hard boiled boxer in a boksefilm. At my age it would probably be an unfinished old boxer, who should make a comeback,” he says with a smile.

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