At his club “FC Bayern Munich”, the professional soccer player ensures exciting games and breathtaking football experiences. Soon, however, we will also be able to marvel at Joshua Kimmich away from the green lawn. He made his debut as an actor in the new episode of the Munich crime scene. Although it is only a small guest role, we are always curious about his acting skills. “Hackl” is the name of the episode that will be broadcast on Sunday, March 12, at 8:15 p.m.

“Tatort” fans are certainly no strangers to the names Leitmayr and Batic. The two cult inspectors, played by Udo Wachtveitl and Miroslav Nemec, continue to delight millions of viewers. This time their skills are in demand in Munich’s problem district of Hasenbergl. A young motorcyclist had a serious accident here at night. However, the tragedy was not an accident. A well-known troublemaker named “Hackl” seems to be a suspect. However, this causes quite a commotion.

Wüterich is played by multi-award-winning film and theater actor Burghart Klaußner (“The White Band”, “The State against Fritz Bauer”). In his shadow, Joshua Kimmich celebrates his acting debut with a small but striking role: the professional footballer plays a fitness trainer and influencer named Kenny. He is questioned by the investigators because he belonged to the social environment of the dead man.

Katharina Bischof directed the “Tatort: ​​Hackl” (Tatort: ​​”Luna eats or dies”), the script was written by Dagmar Gabler (Tatort: ​​”We – you – you”). Thanks to the prominent guest appearance, the film should certainly attract increased attention.

However, it is not the first “crime scene” excursion by a soccer star. In 1999, Berti Vogts embodied an attentive neighbor in Hamburg’s “Tatort: ​​Habgier”. In the Ludwigshafen case “Im Abseits” the then DFB leadership around President Dr. Theo Zwanziger, national player Celia Okoyino da Mbabi, national coach Joachim Löw and national team manager Oliver Bierhoff.

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