He wears a big cross and a well-known name. Abbot Urban Federer (51) is distantly related to Tennis Star Roger Federer (38) and the brother of old CVP national councillor Barbara Schmid-Federer (54). As a 59. The Abbot of the monastery of Einsiedeln, he, too, experienced a week of Easter, the there were never. In the VIEW, he answered the question, whether the Coronavirus is a punishment from God, and what we need to learn from this difficult Situation.

I have a brother living in the Moment in Italy and in Austria. I was Worried before the Virus occurred in Switzerland. In this country the protection of the older brothers and the pilgrims, to me inside and the pilgrims are important.

Very good. We have more feedback than usual, the people will feel part of our community. And when Asked on the edge of times we have more participants than usual, because normally people do not, or are no longer in Einsiedeln are still

I write a lot of letters. In addition, our monastery has established a telephone Ministry, where people can report.

The advantage of our large Baroque complex is the place: We are now so that between us, the necessary distance is given.

Honestly, I ask myself this question. At the Moment I wonder how I can stand by the people. Because the want to be God: the people.

If anything, it would be a people-penalty. The science-and-white, meanwhile, that the Virus has its origin in the precarious coexistence of Wild and domestic animals markets, this crisis is man-made. God does not punish. Rather, it shows us the good Friday, To close to us to be, he himself to keep the loneliness and the cruelty of the people. Easter hope, is with God, is shown especially in the Suffering.

you would not ask me after the next love, would the Church proclaims this message is not for centuries. I find the listed actions are great – and also in the parishes and communities happen amazing actions for people in Need.

When everyone thinks only of himself, we remain to each other, a risk of infection just. If we think of each other and there are, we can overcome the crisis.

If so, he has his reasons. For me, the question is, how can we help the people even more then that Association seeds, or increased domestic violence are exposed to. Social Distancing should not mean inner loneliness.

at The Moment, a break in the monastery in fact, all of the revenues, as we receive no Church tax. Here will be important that all of the local monastery, community, business, tourism, work together to find solutions, to be able to Einsiedeln, and again, people receive.

Our potential, in the crises to pull together. The awareness that we cannot live independently of each other. It takes the responsibility of all of us.

I hope not, because then we would not have understood the crisis. We will be busy with the consequence of the crisis and continue to need the mutual support.

Easter is not just in the worship service with a meal. I would celebrate Easter, especially at the festive meal. A candle can be ignited, a piece of text from the Bible read aloud and a our father prayed to be. Easter joy should be shared on every case – and the food can then be enjoyed.

The good Friday shows us how brutal we humans can be to each other, because the cross is an ancient Form of death penalty and torture at the same time. Easter says to us: This is the Yes of God to us is stronger than our mutual no. On this ground we may have confidence.