Actor Alexander readout, actually died of AIDS. This was told by his friend and colleague Director Hussein Erkenov.

Erkenov shot a lot chislova in his films and decided to put an end to the numerous versions of the departure time. Readout, died last year at age 54, it was assumed that the cause of his death — alcohol or pneumonia, writes “Interlocutor”.

Erkenov also said that the number of preferred men, but not advertise it. Actor knew about his illness, but refused treatment, fearing the publicity.

He died of AIDS, and it is now silent. Many media write that he died of alcoholism, but it is not, — said the Director.

As contracted readout, his friend doesn’t know. But he knows that the actor always wanted to visit different people, including unfamiliar. Someone was just having his time, someone even stayed to live. And the gatherings could last for weeks.

But after the death chislova remembered not for the tragic care, but because his apartment in Altufevo. During the life of the housing was unsubscribed actor for niece, she later bought an apartment. Now a grandmother sues her granddaughter for square footage, trying to give them to her brother.

Earlier NEWS,EN reported that the funeral of actor Alexander chislova was held at the suburban Nikolo-Archangel cemetery. He died of pneumonia in intensive care at a Moscow hospital at the age of 54 years.