Number of infected has risen by around 4,000 in Italy, but more are also raskmeldt again, according to new figures.

Italy has in the past day registered 837 deaths among patients infected with the coronavirus.

It shows the most recent figures from the country’s health authorities Tuesday.

This is a total 12.428 people died in Italy after they have been infected with the virus.

on Monday reported to the Italian authorities on 812 died, and the day before there were 756 deaths.

The latest figures show at the same time, the number of confirmed smittetilfælde is increased by about 4000 during the past day. The number is about the same as Monday.

In all, the 105.792 people confirmed infected in relation to the 101.739 a day before, an increase of four percent.

Lyspunktet in Tuesday’s figures from Italy is that the number of raskmeldte has increased by 7,6 percent to 15.729. Monday was the status that 14.620 of the infected people was reported as healthy again after their sygeforløb.

Italy held Tuesday a minute of silence across the country to commemorate the thousands of people who so far have lost their lives as a result of coronaudbruddet.

the Flags were set at half on the buildings and squares all over the country.

Coronavirusset is the deadliest enkeltbegivenhed that has hit Italy since the Second world War, writes the news agency AFP.