test results indicate that the virus is everywhere and sow doubt about the effect of the shutdown, according to the professor.

A new study of coronapatienter in China can according to researchers be a breakthrough in the way the global coronapandemi being fought against and cast doubts about the effect of extensive shutdowns.

the Study thus shows that by far most people who are tested positive for the virus, has symptoms.

according to an article in the medical journal BMJ – British Medical Journal.

1. april began chinese authorities to publish figures for how many coronapatienter showing symptoms.

In the first 24 hours of the study were 166 persons tested positive for the virus. Which had only 36 symptoms – that is, a little over 20 percent. The vast majority of the persons who had symptoms, was visiting.

China has introduced rigorous testing of all persons arriving to the country, of the fear that the spread explodes again.

Tom Jefferson, who is epidemiologist and researcher at Oxford University, called the results “very, very important”. However, it is too early to conclude anything, he stresses.

– Testgrundlaget is small, and there will be more data, he says.

But let us say that the numbers are representative – even with a margin of error of ten percent – so, it suggests that the virus is everywhere.

Tom Jefferson believes that the study can be a breakthrough. Not least for the authorities all over the world are trying to curb the spread of the virus.

– If and I stress if – the results are representative, then we have to ask, why the heck are we introduce the shutdown, said Tom Jefferson to the BMJ.

the Statement stands according to the BMJ, in contrast to a report from the world health organisation, WHO.

Here it was in February concluded that “the proportion of asymptomatic smittetilfælde was unclear, but is apparently a rare phenomenon, there does not seem to be a big factor in the spread of infection”.