In his memoirs, Prince Harry writes that as a teenager he was deflowered by an “elderly lady” in a field behind a pub. Now a woman speaks up who claims to have been his love affair at the time.

In 2001, at the age of 16, Prince Harry partied with his friends from Eton College in a British pub. Quite drunk, he ended up with an “elderly woman” in the field behind the restaurant that evening and had sex for the first time. It was all over after five minutes, according to Harry himself in his book.

The story became one of the best-selling’s most talked about passages, sparking a worldwide puzzle as to who the unnamed “elderly woman” might be who, according to Harry, treated him “no differently than a young stud”. “It was a passionate, tipsy, and most likely rash encounter between two friends who sneaked out of a pub for a Marlboro Light and eventually climbed a fence to make love in a field hidden from view by a thick summer hedge.” , he recalls in his biography.

Now the woman, who says she is the ex-wife, has spoken for the first time: “I am the older woman who took Prince Harry’s virginity,” says today’s excavator driver Sasha Walpole in an interview with the “Sun”. The 40-year-old is the “mysterious horse lover” who had a brief sex session with the Duke. She had known the prince for a few years and worked as a zookeeper at the Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire, owned by King Charles III. heard.

On that evening, the two simply drank a little too much and spontaneously disappeared into the field behind the pub. “Harry made the first move,” Walpole said. “He started kissing me. It was passionate, intense. Then it went from a kiss to the floor pretty quickly.”

Walpole recalls: “To me, he wasn’t ‘Prince Harry’, it was Harry, my friend, and the situation was a bit out of hand. It felt rude in the sense that it wasn’t supposed to happen.” The whole thing was “not planned”. In addition, she did not know that he was still a virgin. “There were no virgin signs. He seemed to know what he was doing. It was fast, wild, exciting.” Apparently so fast that the British royal didn’t have time to think about contraception. He didn’t use a condom, according to Walpole. “We were both drunk. Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened,” says the mother of two today.

So that Harry’s security wouldn’t notice anything about the dalliance, the two then went back to the pub separately. “We got up, got dressed again and agreed we had to go in separate directions back to the pub. If we had just gone out for a cigarette, we would have returned together. We were only gone about 15 minutes total, but long enough for his security to worry.”

But it seems to have stayed with this one time. After that, the two are said to have never had contact again.

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