Berlin – Please wait! Since Friday noon, small entrepreneurs such as farmers or retailers can apply for help against the consequences of the Coronavirus. But you have to queue! IMAGE in the toughest snake in the capital.

To 12 o’clock, the investment Bank Berlin (IBB) turned a form for Corona-AIDS on your Website in no time collapsed the Server. In a new start-up from 13 at the Bank relies on the services of a IT service provider: The Berlin-based first land on the page and are redirected as soon as there is capacity in the case of the IBB.

The Screenshot shows: At noon, more than 120 000 applicants in the queue photo: IBB

entrepreneurs don’t have to wait on the page already, but will be notified by E-Mail.

The wait is several hours. A PICTURE-Test it was found that: because of Immediately-help! To 13.34 at more than 30 000 applicants in the queue were. And to 16.24 PM, there were more than 120 000.

IBB spokesman for the IMAGE: “We expected a rush, but not to this extent.”

After all, enough money. The Senate has provided 300 million euros for micro-entrepreneurs (up to five employees), freelancers, and Solo-self-employed. The maximum amount is 5000 euros per application, also, there’s again up to 9000 euros from the Federal government. For companies with up to 10 employees, the Federal government provides up to 15 000 euros. The money must not be paid back.

The Federal funds can only be costs for ongoing operation, such as Rent and loans for premises, leasing rates, and the like can be applied.