in Order to avoid redundancies and wage cuts during the virusudbruddet will American Airlines apply to the state for help.

the Carrier American Airlines will apply for up to $ 12 billion in aid from the UNITED states government in order to avoid involuntary redundancies and cuts in wages.

It appears by a communication to the employees from the management on Monday, writes Reuters. The amount is equal to 81,3 billion.

– We hope and expect that American will fly again, when the time comes, where the virus is contained, says group ceo Doug Parker in a message to employees.

air Traffic in the UNITED states is that in large parts of the world is almost at a standstill because of the travel restrictions and prohibitions, as are applicable in many countries in the attempt to halt the spread of the virus.

American Airlines has indefinitely cancelled about half of its normal flights. Before the weekend cut the company further in the ruteplanerne.

– today we fly only half of the outputs the ministry of the interior, and on the departures is that fewer than 15 percent of the seats, which are filling up, said Doug Parks Friday in a video message to employees, according to Bloomberg News.

He informed that the carrier will cut 60 percent of the services in april away and 80 percent in may.

the UNITED states Congress adopted last week, the biggest economic recovery plan in the country’s history.

crisis package of 2200 billion u.s. dollars must come the citizens and enterprises to the rescue, affected by the economic consequences of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Millions of families, which brands to the economic downturn because of coronakrisen, can each get up to 3000 dollars in hand. This corresponds to about 20,000 crowns.

To the worst-hit big companies are there in the package of € 500 billion u.s. dollars.

American Airlines has with 133.700 full-time employees most employees are among AMERICA’s airlines.

salaries, Wages and other costs to employees are the largest operating expense with a share of 34 percent, according to Reuters.