In this Friday edition of ‘What we are talking about’, something happens, Ditte has been waiting a long time. She is finally tested, if she has had corona. It is Anne Thygesen, who has tests, and live in the studio, brave she Ditte for blood. It is not quiet. Listen and hear what the outcome will be….

Jonas Kuld Rathje is late out of the starting blocks, but he has now finally seen the Netflix series ‘the Tiger King’. We review the series and facing another icy Netflix series, namely ‘Don’t fuck with cats’.

Niels Pinborg on the phone and he looks towards Hugo Helmig, who last year hit rock bottom in a wild coke-rus. Now he’s fighting back to the surface and the panel gives him a pat on the back on the road.

We round out the hour by talking about Bubbers new podcast ‘Gammelfar’ and agree on, the podcast should act a little more on that he actually banged the nurse, for the old fathers is that damn’ since nothing original in.

In the second hour is the Sea Marie Seerup with on the phone and the panel discuss minister of culture, Joy mogensen’s inability to grasp that the culture is actually a priority. In the context we’re talking also about the half-hearted maybe-opening of the churches at Easter, with the priest Betina Vejegaard.

We end the Friday of the talk about the royal appearance to the hestemesse in Herning, going on the weekend of the royal style – what else?

Today’s panel consists of Jonas Kuld Rathje, Anna Thygesen, Niels Pinborg and the Sea Marie Seerup and your host as always, Ditte Okman.

Produced by: Johanne D. Holgersson