Hemp in the box: environmental-friendly Alternative to Styrofoam – view

"Can you smoke in the packaging?", this funny question Christian Welti hear from Online meat retailers meat4you regularly, when he declared that the cooling is packaging made from hemp. "You're welcome to try to smoke the hemp, we don't recommend it but," is...

Men leave the housework still the woman’s view

In 2013, was completed in about 74 percent of the households work in the home, primarily by women. In 2018, the proportion was still 69 per cent. Especially the Cleaning and cooking is a woman's domain, as is apparent from the published on...

As Union coach Urs Fischer lives in Berlin – view

little more than a year is pulled out of the Zurich Urs Fischer (53) to Germany. The coach of the 1. FC Union Berlin lives in a Three-room apartment in the Berlin district of Köpenick. The apartment search has not proved to be...

These are the most beautiful views of Switzerland – views,

Chasseral – the Canton of Berne The Chasseral towers over the middle of the country with its 1600 meters of altitude as the highest point of the Swiss Jura. He invites high above the Three-lakes-Land of discovery tour on foot, by mountain bike...

The new Love Life campaign, the condom and the joy of Sex – a view

No method of contraception is in Switzerland so common as the condom. The population knows, although the protective effect of condom against HIV and other sexual transmissible infections (STI), Knowledge of leads but not necessarily to the more consistent use of the condom,...

Bed boom: The hotel project Pipeline in Zurich is filled – view

In the Zurich area there is a hotel boom, the number of rooms is growing rapidly. "Where does this go?", Martin moss, President of the Association of Zurich Hoteliers asks, in the Preface to a new study. This has created the real estate...

What is your favourite dialect word? View

join the discussion! The best feedback is in the Sunday view magazine from 10. November 2019 printed. Use for your answer in the comment column below. The editorial Board reserves the right to shorten contributions.

To prevent mental lows – view

anyone Who suffers from depression, you should seek in any case, the assistance of a qualified person and is a therapy to consider. For a Sunday look, the Lucerne is a psychotherapist, Margaret Letzel (62) shows the methods that can accompany help to...

Interview with Caran d’Ache-Boss Carole Hübscher – view

"you need a proper pen," says the CEO of Caran d'ache at the large meeting table at the company's headquarters in Thônex, GE, and over rolling a ball-point pen model Stylon 849. "The way you do the other", blames you and laughs. In...

Documentary return of the wolves to educate view

The Timing could not have been better. Thomas Horats (55) documentary "return of The wolves" starts next week in the cinemas. In the middle of the discussion on the revised hunting law of the Swiss film-maker benefits from great public interest in the...


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Why You Need a Sump Pump Battery Backup System

Water seeping inside your basement may be a common problem that is faced by numerous homeowners. You will often hear others say that their...