Historical stock market party on Wall Street – view

rally in the world markets – even in the us: The Swiss Market Index (SMI) continues its ascent to the start of the week and closed on Monday with a gain of 0.83 per cent at 10'337 points. Another all-time high. ...

New York Times calls the Switzerland economic model – view

Scandinavia as an economic model for the world, you can hear it again and again. Now, however, "the New York Times highlights the" Switzerland of the podium. In an Essay book writer and Investor Ruchir Sharma, what makes our country so special and...

Economic report: OECD criticised Switzerland for Save – view

The Swiss economy was also assessed this year on the heart and kidneys. The result is an expert report by the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD). First the good news: "The economic prosperity significantly," say it in a Chapter heading. So,...

Steuerpuff: sex Club operator in the Clinch with the authorities – view

It was the first erotic street establishment off the main. In the industrial district of the St. Gallen municipality of Au the Club Palladium is located. In ten rooms the Free to indulge your private pleasure. The guests pay admission, even the prostitutes....

US authorities examine the balance sheets of the sporting goods company Under Armour

The "Wall Street Journal" had previously reported, citing an Insider, the US authorities investigated whether Under Armour have moved the sales from quarter to quarter, in order to appear more successful. The group from Baltimore, defended his actions. "The company is...

McDonald’s CEO stumble over affair with employee – view

Bang at McDonald's, the top-selling Fast Food chain of the globe: the CEO and President Steve Easterbrook (52) was dismissed from the company with immediate effect. The Briton Easterbrook, since 2015, the CEO of the world-famous brand with the Golden archway,...

Austrian companies such as XXXLutz take on Swiss firm – view

The Austrians are coming! XXXLutz swallows the Swiss tradition house furniture Pfister, Dr. Richard, the Swiss wants to take long-distance bus routes by Eurobus, the Austrian Skikönige the family schröck needle in the ski areas of Savognin and Saas-Fee. And the Signa Holding...

Christine Lagarde begins her job as the ECB President view

The outgoing ECB chief, Mario Draghi, leaves at the end of his eight years in office, a more closely welded currency Union, but also in the monetary policy sharply divided Central Bank. His successor, Christine Lagarde, the on 1. November takes the helm,...

Probate case: Zoff at the terribly rich angel horn – view

you are a truly awful cute family: the angel horns from Germany. Stinking rich and with each other spider enemy. A common denominator however, there is: the tax offices around the globe as little money as humanly possible to deliver. Tax optimization is...

Facebook: 6.1-billion-Dollar quarterly profit despite sandals – view

Facebook has earned in the last quarter, despite ongoing criticism, the Online network shiny and user gained. The Surplus increased year on year by 19 percent to 6.1 billion dollars (5.5 billion euros). The revenues grew, driven by the booming advertising revenue by...


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