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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A missionary denounces the contamination of the Indians with smallpox

throughout the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, smallpox epidemics decimate indian tribes of North America. This disease, unknown on the american continent until...

Stefan Meierhans on price increases in the Corona-crisis view

pandemics with dangerous viruses – three months ago, my spontaneous Association would have been to Netflix. So fast can go: Today, we re...

When Picasso was at war with a comic book

Two boards, ten-eight boxes. The first work overtly political of Picasso is not an array, but a comic strip : Dream and...

And the typhus was rampant during the campaign of Russia

chief Physician of the military hospitals, J. A. L. de Kerckhove, says Kirckhoff, published in 1814, a work in which he narrates...

Frank A. Meyer on confidence in the Federal Council – view

And suddenly, there it: Federal councillor Berset, Federal councillor Eveline Amherd, the Federal Council Parmelin, Federal councillor Maurer – the College as a...

Coronavirus: the little things that make us happy – view

While I write these lines, my window wide open. The sun is shining in my face. One Moment please, I have to go...

Garlic-for-Social Distancing – column Claude Cueni – view

"I would have rather you'd have to garlic stunk", to the Emperor Vespasian to have a perfumed officer said. The spice plant was...

Review of ‘Hanami’ – the Japanese and the cherry blossom – view

Now it is really nice in a home office. While I would have been in the business view only to a rear yard...

Milena Moser on the value of friendships in Corona times

the other day we had this whole row, my friend Pie and I are. I found, you put yourself to unnecessary risks, by...

Lukas Bärfuss: Corona is pushing Switzerland into mental Storage – view

In times like these trust is a critical resource. A part of the Public focuses, therefore, on proven strategies and has already retired...