Comment to Sion: Constantin a merciless Egoist view is

First Christian Constantin ensnared the people, then he allows it to fall. Valon Behrami he is attracted to Wallis, by hugging his wife, Lara gut was the only and you in the private jet back and forth was driving when she was injured....

The VIEW says The Nati power of the Stars themselves – a view

On the part of the clubs one is always complaining about a barren game market and, consequently, to high wages, to drive instead of the production of young players consistently. So Young to come with us too rarely to train. with...

Apple TV Plus: Apple fails in the TV-Streaming Start – view

Problems logging into Apple TV Plus A half-dozen SIGHT-readers have reported difficulties logging in to the new Streaming service of Apple. For anyone who has bought a new Apple Device such as iPhone, 11, get the subscription in the first year for free....

Pixels 4 Test: Google a build each Time new Fails – view

Officially, there's the Pixel 4 is not to buy in Switzerland. A Trouble for the Swiss Fans and the biggest Fail of Google. But, of course, the Smartphone also works here without any problems. Who doesn't want to buy it personally in the...

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: Super camera for phone, with 108 megapixels – view

Actually, you thought the Megapixel race in the Camera section was over. For some time now, most of the manufacturers use 12-Megapixel Sensors. This is about to change again. Huawei about a build a Cam with 48 mega-pixels, the touch, but in everyday...

The Federal Council is working strange – Helmut Hubacher – view

Willi Ritschard showed me the meeting room of the Federal Council. As I wanted to be, back he held me. I was only allowed to look into it. "But you're elected by the Parliament, as our employee", said I. "Then the Parliament would...

Stefan Meierhans about new Bank fees – view

In the Banking sector is much dynamic. Many services that were only yesterday free, today. Of course nobody's happy about it, but you have to have a certain understanding: In times of negative interest rates, it has become for the banks, much more...

2. Column: The co-ordination deduction woman is hostile – view

From the readers of research, we know that readers leave the Text, even if the beginning is interspersed with incomprehensible foreign words. I'm doing it anyway, and dedicate this column to the co-ordination deduction of the 2. Column. What is it...

Formula 1: comment by Roger Benoit for the world title from Hamilton

in 2012, went to Niki Lauda and Ross Brawn at the GP in Singapore, with the silver arrows and silver coins of hunting. Her Victim: Lewis Hamilton. The two hunters tried to lure the British into a hotel room as Schumi's successor for...

Tips of daily routine, and November-Blues – Ursula von Arx

The air is cool, and it darkens earlier, earlier and earlier. Grey sky is dripping. The everyday life has us groaning in the grip of, in the Morning and in the evening, through the day and in the Dreams and the Pitter-patter and...


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Why You Need a Sump Pump Battery Backup System

Water seeping inside your basement may be a common problem that is faced by numerous homeowners. You will often hear others say that their...