Marco Reus’ contract expires in the summer. The BVB captain has been a Borussia Dortmund player for eleven years. Both sides are interested in extending the contract. But behind the scenes it should seethe.

The interest of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s new club caused a particular stir. The Portuguese has been under contract with Al-Nassr from Saudi Arabia for a few weeks. Exactly this club should also be interested in a commitment from Reus.

At the BVB training camp in Marbella, Reus explained: “I have an advisor to clarify things like this. Of course I’m looking ahead, I still have six months of contract. It would be wrong if I didn’t think about it.”

A sentence that caused some excitement in the Borussia Dortmund environment. Because a clear denial clearly sounds different.

The pages seem hardened. The Reus camp cannot really understand some things. The 33-year-old is disappointed that the club haven’t discussed a contract extension to date. This is reported by the “WAZ”. Again and again one hears of a “disrespect”.

The situation around Youssoufa Moukoko in particular upsets the Reus side. BVB has been in contract talks with the youngster for months. Moukoko’s contract also expires in the summer.

Reus himself does not want to give up money for further years in the Dortmund dress. The bosses have other ideas. But Reus sees himself as the club’s identification figure. Despite higher offers, he was consistently loyal to the club. Now Reus expects the same from BVB.

Marco Reus and BVB. This long-standing success story could indeed come to an end in the summer.