NBA icon LeBron James couldn’t restrain his delight after it was reported on Saturday that Democratic nominee Joe Biden had surpassed the 270 electoral college votes required to send Donald Trump packing from the White House.

As soon as Biden’s win in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania was reported by the AP and other outlets, handing the former Vice President the state’s 20 electoral votes he needed to bring an end to the Trump presidency, social media predictably erupted after a contentious campaign which had stoked divisions across the country.

The impact of the campaign was deeply felt in sports. The Black Lives matter protests earlier this year intersected both politics and sport, as several big name athletes threw their support behind the movement and, by proxy, Biden. 

The racial debate which followed the death of George Floyd in May was felt particularly hard in the NBA – a sports league where more than 80 percent of its players are African-American. Several players orchestrated their own campaigns to help motivate voters, with several NBA teams even offering their facilities as venues to host voting drives, and even acting as polling centers.

And now, with the outcome of the US presidential election seemingly all wrapped up, Los Angeles Lakers star James was quick in celebrating Biden’s win. 

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James’ first tweet, an image of him smoking a cigar, could clearly be interpreted as him celebrating Biden’s win – while a second retweet of a video clip of Trump saying ‘You’re Fired’ also left little doubt as to his political persuasion. 

The NBA star was joined by several other notable names from the sporting community in reacting to the results – but one notable UFC star, vocal Trump supporter Jorge Masvidal, says that he is waiting for the reigning president to step in and correct the record. 

Joe Biden is projected as the next US President. However VAR are reviewing it.

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The media state has declared Joe Biden the President. I wonder when trump gonna drop the hammer to fix the scorecard?