Katrin Vernau, the interim director of the RBB, was called to clean up after the scandals surrounding her predecessor Patricia Schlesinger and to get the financially troubled broadcaster back on track. A financial hole of 70 million euros needs to be closed. Savings in employee salaries have also been decided, as has a reduction in the program. The broadcaster’s executives should refrain from bonus payments.

As the “Bild” reports, Vernau collects – in addition to her annual salary of 297,000 euros – a monthly rent subsidy of 1,000 euros for her second home in Berlin. Christoph Reinhardt, representative of the freelancers, comments: “There is no justification for this. But Ms. Vernau doesn’t have a guilty conscience at all. That may be normal in the ARD boardroom.” And further: “The director would be well advised to waive the rent subsidy.” If she acts in the same logic as her predecessors, “you don’t trust her to start over stands.”

So that Vernau can go home to her primary residence in NRW at the weekends, the RBB also pays her a Bahncard 100 for 7,000 euros a year. But you would do without a company car with a chauffeur.

Because the government is spending the money like there’s no tomorrow, taxes are now being increased. The first step has been taken, unnoticed by the public. From January 1st, the inheritance tax on real estate will increase by easily 500 percent.

In the case of the murdered Hanna, there is now an arrest. The police announced this on Saturday. However, the police denied the help of a clairvoyant.

Wilderness trainer Marco Plass survives weeks without electricity on his tours. As a graduate organizational psychologist, however, he believes that chaos threatens German cities in the event of a blackout. Even if an emergency is unlikely, everyone should play through it.

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