What is your biggest resolution for the year?

AZ: “None, because I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. They last for two days and then they are discarded. So I won’t have any.”

MZ: “Fix my forehand. I’ve been trying to do that for twenty years.”

Will Djokovic overtake Nadal in number of Grand Slam titles by the end of the year?

MZ: “Do I really have to answer that? (thinks) Yes!”

AZ: “I think Nadal still has a chance to win the French Open. Novak will be the favorite at the other Grand Slam tournaments, but there are still other players who hopefully have something to counter that.”

Will Alcaraz win a Grand Slam?

AZ: “I think he has the level for it, but a lot also depends on the other players who weren’t as present in 2022.”

MC: “Yes. I guess so. He plays very well and is still young. That means he can still improve some things and play even better.”

Who will reach the top 10 for the first time?

MZ: “Nick Kyrgios. He’s shown he’s pretty good at coaching himself. I think he can get close to the top 10.”

AZ: “I think someone who is not at the top of the world right now will make the top 10 again. But I don’t think there will be anyone new.”

Make a bold prediction!

MZ: “I feel like all of my predictions were pretty bold. Sascha will win the French Open.”

AZ: “Rafael Nadal will sadly retire at the French Open. What I don’t want for him. I think he’s going to play a great tournament and maybe even win it and then he’ll say goodbye.”

Who will end 2023 as number 1?

AZ: “(looks at his brother) Do you want me to call myself? Me, because Mischa is sitting behind me.”

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The original of this post “Zverev is certain: “Nadal will resign this year”” comes from tennisnet.com.