The wife of Turkish former football star Emre Asik has been accused of offering a hitman $ 1.3 million to kill her husband and dispose of the body during a bitter divorce case, according to reports in Turkey.

Yagmur Asik is accused of plotting to kill her husband – who played 43 times for the national team, as well as Turkish club giants Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas – as part of scheme with her lover, Erdi Sungur, according to Hurriyet Daily News. 

Sungur is said to have told prosecutors that he had an affair with Yagmur, and that she was desperate to get her hands on her husband’s money.

“I had an affair with Yagmur. She was only thinking of inheriting the fortune after Emre Asik’s death. She asked me to kill him, but I refused,” Sungur reportedly said in his testimony to prosecutors in the northwestern province of Duzce.

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After Sungur refused the plan, Yagmur is alleged to have turned to the services of a hitman, offering him 10 million Turkish Lira ($ 1.3 million) to kill her husband and find a suitable place to bury the body.

She is also said to have provided a gun for the planned hit, only for the would-be assassin to get cold feet and reveal the scheme to the former footballer. 

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Yagmur and Sungur are set to be charged with attempted murder, according to Hurriyet, with a date for proceedings at the Duzce Higher Criminal Court to be announced soon. 

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Yagmur and Emre Asik wed in France in 2012, and the couple have three children together.

They remain married, although Asik, 46, began the process of filing for divorce after his wife was accused of having an affair, leading to her alleged attempts to have him killed.