Trick 1: The Wi-Fi settings

check is The easiest method to increase the wifi range, once the settings of your own router to control. Often a change in the transmit power to these. So a reduction in the transmission power is useful, for example, if a single room is to be supplied. The apartment is after a move, but bigger, it should be back to 100 percent.

Also, the frequency band is crucial. Actually, we always recommend the use of the 5 GHz band, as this provides more capacity and less interference. However, the frequencies spread out significantly worse in the area and also walls or Ceilings are a Problem. In this case, it may be quite reasonable to rely on 2.4 GHz.

Trick 2: Mesh-Repeater Wi-Fi range

to expand, it Should go much more area or even multiple floors, you want to provide Wi-Fi access, should you care about a Wi-Fi Mesh System. There are different systems on the market have their pros and cons.

but The principle is all the same: A Wi-Fi network will be rolled out by the amplifier (Repeater) on the whole apartment like a net. You should make sure that you get the individual Mesh repeaters in a row one behind the scarf test. To not have the actual Router in the basement, the first Repeater on the ground floor and the second on the first floor is advisable. The reason: The Wi-Fi Performance suffers.

You should also make sure that the Mesh Repeater work at least as a Cross-Band. It is best, however, if three bands are used. Then, the actual data that you transferred to your device via 2.4 and 5 Ghz transfer want to a third frequency to the Router. So the data are not in each other’s way. This Repeater but also the most expensive in the market. In particular, the AVM Fritz repeater 3000 Netgear EX-8000 can be mentioned here, for example. Other Mesh systems such as Google Nest Wifi have the advantage that they are very easy to set up and administer.

some of the Mesh devices, it is also possible that the data will be transferred between the devices via LAN cable. This provides the best Performance, but has the disadvantage that you have to lay a cable. This should not be a Problem for you, so you can, for example, with a Cat7 flat cable is very unobtrusive, the fast Internet in all rooms and via Wi-Fi Mesh, there is spread

In the ideal case, do you have your Wi-Fi System is also pure, i.e. it only comes with a manufacturer to use. Here, the devices are best matched to each other.

Trick 3: Powerline use

Sometimes you don’t come with the expansion of the Wi-Fi range even further. For example, if you have to transfer through the thick Cover data or walls are in the way. Then Lay a LAN cable is often not possible or desired.

But with the power lines there is a line, you are already in every room of your apartment. With so-called Powerline adapters, you can transfer the data between the rooms without running new wires. However, How well this works varies from apartment to apartment. Because the quality of the Transmission and power cabling. From the advertised data rates of several Gigabit you should let you hide this you will not reach.

With Powerline adapters from AVM, you can remote expand your apartment in an existing Wi-Fi Mesh the brand Fritz. Alternatively, you can also use, for example, Powerline from devolo. Here you should look around for the brand Magic –in case of devolo the best performance.

a combination of all three Tricks, depending on the local circumstances is the right choice.

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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