An unexpected and shocking error recently occurred in the Google Maps mapping service. A wrong award causes trouble.

In Schmalkalden, a town in Thuringia, a country road was incorrectly named “Hitlerstrasse”. The “Bild” newspaper first reported on this incident. Google acknowledged this error and took immediate corrective action: “This shouldn’t happen. “We immediately made sure that the entry was removed,” the “ Bild ” newspaper quoted a spokesman for the technology company as saying.

The short section of the L1026 between a roundabout and the Schmalkaldetal Bridge in the Niederschmalkalden district, which is normally known as the Thüringer Landstrasse, suddenly bore the name of the infamous Nazi dictator. Some users discovered this error and screenshots of the entry began circulating on social media.

Google could not or did not want to say exactly how long the name “Hitlerstrasse” was visible in the map service. Google Maps collects data from a variety of sources, including commercial data providers and publicly available sources, but local governments are also among the partners contributing information. However, as the “Bild” newspaper highlights, it is also possible for private individuals to make changes or incorrectly manipulate information.

This incident sheds light on the complexities and challenges of dealing with digital maps and information. The ability of private individuals to make changes in mapping services can result in such serious errors that must be corrected quickly to avoid confusion and discomfort among the public.

Google has stated several times in the past that ensuring the accuracy of their mapping data is a high priority and they continually work to improve their systems to prevent such errors. Nevertheless, this case shows that there are still gaps and vulnerabilities in the data maintenance process.