You can try to craft the perfect video to explain your product or service. What you need is an explainer video that briefly describes your product. It should offer a clear message and sit front to center on your homepage. Explainer videos are short videos that take two minutes or less that capture the audience’s attention in a fun and distinct way. They should be memorable to assist in boosting sales for your company. The following content will enable you to increase your search engine rankings while giving you tips on methods that you can use to make a great explainer video.

Importance of explainer videos

They provide organizations regularly with:

  • Unparalleled Performance

Explainer videos get through your most critical messages. And they’re a useful extension of your sales team, as they correctly tell the story of your company every time. When your sales team goes in to sell, prospects would know a lot about your startup or organization already.

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  • They help companies get discovered.

They enhance main SEO metrics such as average time spent on your website and bounce rate to improve your chances of getting to the search engine results pages on page one (SERPs). To share your story wherever your target audience is, add your video to your website, YouTube, and Social Media platforms.

  • They raise rates of conversion.

Video wizzes at Spiel say that video is one of the most important tools to help increase online conversions. that one of the significant aspects of the videos is that, by increasing online conversions, they drive the company’s business. Help explain any misunderstanding your audience might have by reacting in your video proactively to FAQs or possible deal-breakers to boost conversion and drive further sales.

  • They’re building trust.

Explainers also increase your audience’s likelihood of trusting your company, especially if it’s the first time they interact with it. Humanize the brand and show audiences that you empathize with them, consider their desires, and even have similar tastes.

  • They’re flexible

Explainer videos are the basis of the marketing world. Your website and social networks can contain the videos. Also, you use them in your email promotions, paid media, trade show booths, presentations, and much more.

  • Targets of explainer videos

Explainer videos are ideal for startups and organizations with complex goods or services that quickly and efficiently get their key messages to audiences.

Applications of Explainer videos

It’s excellent for companies selling a tangible product to be able to demonstrate how it operates. If you have a software-based company, you have the option of displaying the program with a screencast. They are used in various industries. For example, in technology, they offer an overview of platforms, demonstrations, how-to videos, and FAQ videos. In retail, they give Instructions for assembly, ordering procedures, brand tales, product deals, sales preparation, and product FAQs in healthcare where they provide Patient education, education on symptoms, brand information stories, sales training. You can also use them in other industries that are not mentioned. However, to offer a compelling video, you need to understand how to make one.

How to create explainer videos

You can find many explainer video companies that can help you create a great explainer video; you can also make it yourself or hire a freelancer. Each of those alternatives has its pros and cons. It may be costly for a company, but you’re going to get a quality video. Freelancers are cheaper, but it’s challenging to decide what their job quality would be. However, your business would benefit from getting a video explainer under an excellent video production process. We have now discussed what an explanatory video is, why they are productive and who can use them. We can now explore how you can make one. The process of production involves the following activities.

  1. Discovery Call

It is vital to gather some preliminary details while collaborating with an explainer video business. You need to provide the company or freelancer with the information to help them understand the target audience.

  1. Scriptwriting

The script is the heart and soul of your video, as you might imagine, so you should present our clients with various ideas before we have one that they love.

  1. Storyboarding

Storyboarding is stage three, a collection of drawings that will give you your first peek at the visuals. You will be able to provide initial input at this point and inform the team you are working with if any improvements are required.

  1. Voice Over Selection and Recording

You are given different samples to choose from (male, female, European accents, etc. also, some of the illustrations you want would be focused on where your target audience resides.

  1. Animation Production

The video is put together after the voice over is selected and documented. Thus, you can start the animation. You can privately share progress, and feedback is returned via a video email or phone call.

  1. Editing and Post-Production

The last step in the production process is to fine-tune various scenes as required, and it’s finished when no more changes are requested. It means your video is ready for dissemination to the world.

The process ensures that a video is illustrated and made entirely. Video companies like Spiel claim that the above information needs an explainer video made for your company and create your business video.


It also makes sense for corporations selling a physical product or service to illustrate it with a video. It will also help you get a glimpse of your customer base according to the viewers watching the video. Generally, explainer videos provide your product with a broader market. You can repurpose the videos for pitching to investors or emails etc. Hence, its transparent businesses need an explainer video to help them grow and increase their earnings.

Explainer videos

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