Russian scientists need 8-10 soil samples from different areas of the moon, in order to ascertain the history of the origin of the natural satellite of the Earth, told RIA Novosti head of the laboratory of Geochemistry lunar and planetary Institute of Geochemistry and analytical chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny slyuta.

According to him, the world is now distributed two educational models of the moon: the Americans proposed the hypothesis of a collision with Earth of another celestial body and the Russian hypothesis that parallel the origin of the moon and Earth.

"everybody understands that without delivery of lunar soil from different areas of the moon, neither one nor the other hypothesis can not be confirmed. Need lunar soil from terrestrial and marine areas, of the most ancient regions of the moon to research a mineral, chemical composition, and, of course, first of all, the isotopic composition of the radionuclides. These areas more or less defined. This 8-10 areas. For the moon it will be enough," said slyuta.

One of the soil samples, calculates scientist, will be delivered with the help of Russian lunar station "Moon-28". To investigate the soil with the required accuracy on the moon is impossible, you want it shipping in a land-based laboratory, he said.

"In the place of accurate analyses are not made. The study of isotopic composition is very sensitive analysis. Only the preparation for it takes several months," said slyuta.

According to him, the hypothesis of a collision with Earth of another celestial body well simulates the formation of the moon, but does not explain the difference of the compositions of matter of the two bodies. And the hypothesis of joint education has its flaws, but more consistent from the point of view of the composition of matter of the moon and Earth. "the Latest data confirm our hypothesis," said slyuta.

The scientist said that initially the idea of a joint formation of the Earth and moon has been nominated by the son of Charles Darwin in the early XX century. However, modern scientists differently represent the process of formation of the planet and its satellite.