Since the inception of Microsoft SharePoint, it has become a formidable platform for collaboration and communication within enterprises. Over the years, Office 365 and SharePoint Online have transformed the way organizations work and operate. SharePoint also has evolved significantly from a simple application to a comprehensive workplace platform that can be used for collaboration, managing documents, and records and maintain portals and web content that has helped businesses improve their productivity. There are plenty of new important features that have been introduced over time, and the process continues. Unsurprisingly, several businesses are opting for online SharePoint migrationThis is because businesses that have on-premises SharePoint versions find it incompatible with some of the latest technologies that they need to use. By moving to SharePoint Online, they are taking the first steps to adopt cloud technology for their business.


Why Do Businesses Need to Migrate to SharePoint Online?

As an entirely cloud-native solution, SharePoint Online integrates all the features that could help businesses run their organization effectively into a single platform. Here are some of the reasons to migrate to SharePoint Online.


Hi-Tech Security

When businesses migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online or some other on-premises version, they get a lot of enhanced security features that are available as a part of the cloud technology. This is particularly important when businesses have sensitive, confidential, or any other form of business-critical data. With SharePoint Online, all the important data is stored in Microsoft’s datacenters that are distributed around the globe. They are highly protected by physical security as well as powerful firewalls that repel attacks.


No Additional Maintenance

Maintenance costs typically eat into the operational budgets of businesses. But by migrating to cloud computing, these charges are virtually eliminated. There is a significant reduction in the bills that have to be paid for maintaining expensive infrastructure for hosting the cloud solution. Additionally, backups and security patch installation are much cheaper and simpler.


Always Updated

SharePoint Online is always the best version that is available. That is because Microsoft is responsible for its updates. You will get the updates with every other user who is using SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online always get the security patches and new features before on-premises versions. Most importantly, there is no need for downtime when these update tasks are in progress. It is an on-going task.


Facilitates Mobility

In today’s evolving business work culture, people seldom manage to work out of a single place. Employees prefer to be as mobile as possible and stay productive all the time. With competitive Azure Windows Virtual Desktop pricing that includes the complete Office 365 suite, businesses can bank on Microsoft’s services to empower their employees to work from anywhere, at any time, using their favorite devices. The Office 365 suite already includes SharePoint Online making it easier for users to adopt the Office 365 solution mich more seamlessly.


Important SharePoint Online Features

There are some important SharePoint Online features that on-premises versions lack. These include a user-friendly interface, ability to drag-and-drop content, OneDrive for Business integration, and Yammer support.


Talk to your SharePoint migration expert for adopting SharePoint Online.