Because passers-by reported a poisonous snake at a house in Saarland, local police officers gained access to the alleged owner’s apartment. What they found there makes you shudder: The 37-year-old resident had a whole “collection” of poisonous snakes and spiders.

Poisonous snakes and spiders on the wrong track kept task forces in Schiffweiler in Saarland on their toes. A poisonous horned viper was first discovered on Wednesday in front of an apartment building. According to the “Bild” newspaper, the animal was frozen because of the cold temperatures, but alive.

The poisonous snake is said to belong to a 37-year-old resident who has not been home for a long time. He is already wanted on an arrest warrant for violations of the Narcotics Act and is probably on the run. Since it could not be ruled out that other and possibly poisonous animals had escaped, 16 residents had to leave the building, as the mayor of the community, Markus Fuchs, said in the evening.

Emergency services opened the animal owner’s apartment and inspected it together with an expert. According to initial information, they found a second poisonous snake loose in the apartment and several apparently poisonous spiders, some of which were in a terrarium.

Since, according to “Bild”, the man has not been home since September, the officials also found some animals that had already died – including the carcasses of a black mamba and several cobras. The two live snakes were taken to a zoo. How the animals managed to escape was initially unclear.

The search for other escaped poisonous snakes and spiders continued on Thursday. During the day, emergency services would be supported by a specialist company, the police said.

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