Who will announce the champion of Russia on basketball

But these divisions are not high, and there’re just about all clear. We are talking about the men’s super League 1 and super League 2, women’s super League 1. If to speak about the main level in the women’s Premier League, despite the early end to the season for all known force majeure, the champion of Russia is already defined – to them became the UMMC. And championship the “foxes” in anybody does not cause doubts because there are absolutely objective measures in the standings.

Photo: Michael Sinitsyn Why “Khimki” to be recognized as the champion of Russia on basketball

But the relatively men’s championship there was a complicated conflict, in fact, a kind of bureaucratic, legal, documentary, call it what you want, but the hole. And she still needed to get out.

When 11 years ago we established the international VTB United League with the prevalence among the total number of participants in our teams and point inclusions of foreign clubs, the RBF approved by the Ministry of sport to the contract (it is constantly renewed) delegated a powerful new organization’s right to determine the national champion. This title receives best national team from among participants of VTB United League. Here is really governing the design is extremely simple. Theoretically the champion of the League may become Estonian “Kalev” (by the way, really the last champion of the USSR), and the gold medals of the championship of Russia of this season will receive a conditional basketball players Saratov “Avtodor”, even though I had played both of these teams in the same tournament.

whatever it was, the so-called and maybe even something mythical history should remain recording: “the champion of Russia on basketball among men’s teams of the season 2019/20 was the team “X”. But this is all absolutely it is not clear. Although there are conditional “match report” and that the standings at the time of suspension or early completion of the tournament, and precedents in other Russian and foreign leagues for team sports.

the Last match in VTB United League-2019/20 was played on March 12. Krasnodar “Lokomotiv-Kuban” on departure and no spectators were beaten in Tallinn “Kalev” – 98:81. The next day, the General Director of the organization, multiple European champion in the women’s Russian national team of Ilona Korstin, once again demonstrated his brilliant “speed of reaction” – it is extremely hard showing stopped the tournament. And rightly so.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/ RG Antonov: VTB United League did the right thing, ahead of finishing the season

At that moment the standings of the regular championship situation is as follows: only four of the 13 were positive balance of victories and defeats. BK “Khimki” (Moscow region) – 18-1, CSKA (Moscow) – 15-4, “Lokomotiv-Kuban” – 14-6, UNICS (Kazan) – 12-6. The maximum number of 24 games scheduled in the regular season held a “Loco” and “Kalev” (both on 20). Another seven clubs have played in 18 meetings. And 19 times out on the site of “Khimki” CSKA Polish “Zielona Gora” and the Belarusian “Tsmoki-Minsk”.

Now you should pay attention to the precedent set by the all-Russian volleyball Federation (VFW), led by former national team player Stanislav Shevchenko. Here the matches of the national championship played for the longest time – until March 21. But such a late date caused by the geographical characteristics of the pandemic coronavirus. In the Northern Siberian regions of the country where occurred prior to 21 March inclusive volleyball events, the epidemic was not. And already the following week, March 28, IEF officially announced the results of the championATA country in all divisions. The winners were determined. Even a little controversial, as the men’s top League And the second largest division. There the teams played different number of matches, and such thing as in basketball, the percentage of victories in volleyball just yet. Or percentage points – in basketball the second important additional criterion for determining places. But in Kislovodsk, where is the club “Transgaz Stavropol”, have a reason to celebrate success. The IEF made “in the record”, and this is important.

Perhaps in the RFB should learn from the wise experience of the IEF. To avoid later disputes, misunderstandings. And they already appear. In this respect, very revealing sensible review of the head coach “Khimki” Rimas Kurtinaitis, the Olympic champion of Seoul 1988 in the USSR team. A citizen of Lithuania, former Minister of sport in this country, a person in the basketball coordinate system more than the scale even if just for the fact of titles and merits, and everyone should listen.

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov/RIA Novosti President of BC “Khimki” Dmitry Golubkov appealed to the fans of the team

In a recent interview with one of the reputable Lithuanian media Kurtinaitis said: “we All know that if CSKA will be champion in Russia, it will be a recipe for disaster. Once we have made them a disaster. And we were preparing to repeat this year. The composition and style of play allowed us to do this. We were able to give a fight to CSKA. In the classroom unlike Euroleague team can have nine players. You must have Russian players. Because of this, our situation in the United League were better than CSKA. I have no doubt that if CSKA had the lead in the United League, the standings would have been approved”.

From the above data at the top of the standings table that “Khimki” and CSKA have played same number of matches, with 19 of the 24 scheduled in the regular season. The gap the red and blue is three wins. In addition, the team convincingly, with a difference of “+16”, beat a rival in a personal meeting in the first round. In this situation, only the conventional army of rabid fan or a hopeless pessimist among suburban fans could assume that “Khimki” miss first place in the regular season. Leadership, and with it the final victory of the Moscow team in the League no doubt. Of course, the title, including Russian, and not only VTB United League, is determined in the playoffs. Of course, it’s a shame that we have lost sight in one of the most exciting seasons in modern Russian basketball history. But these are the realities of the present day. This force majeure. And if the season stopped, then it would be correct to call him the Victor, based on the current situation, in other words, the position of the teams in the table. If not in a League where clubs have made the decision, and it is their fundamental right under the Charter of the organization, in Russia. Following legislative and regulatory documents, the Executive Committee of the Federation will have to approve the final standings, leaving it in the MST. And, therefore, the history of Russian basketball added a new inscription: “Khimki” – the champion.