There are at the present time in the world hardly a man more who has never heard of the Coronavirus. The information comes mostly from the media, or directly from experts such as the Robert Koch Institute. However, be disseminated via social networks more and more often a source of lots of information, which are often false messages. The want to counteract WhatsApp now with some Changes to his System.

forwarding-function is restricted to

According to the WhatsApp parent company Facebook have given it in the past few weeks, a significant increase in forwarded messages. Including the company assumed a lot of wrong information. In order to minimize their proliferation, has WhatsApp now introduced a “redirection limit for messages”. Soon users will be able to often forward the forwarded messages are marked with a double arrow icon, only one at a time to chat more.

in order for WhatsApp exacerbated essentially only the already-2019 limitation. So a message could be redirected since then, at the same time to only five contacts. In addition, messages transmitted to a user more than five Times were marked with a double arrow Symbol, which had led, according to its own information, to a global decrease of the forwarded messages in the amount of 25 percent. This double arrow messages are now affected by the new regulation. However, the new set of rules has yet to be implemented across the Board, as we could in a self-test to determine. WhatsApp Update is the new feature, therefore, may be the next WhatsApp or to all the members of the accounts deliver.

So you can come to trusted information

If all of the information to be sent via WhatsApp are potentially wrong, as you can then move quickly to the latest news and Numbers Covid-19? There are several possibilities: firstly, the WHO has started Offered an official WhatsApp, the user supplied on request with numerous data. Also, some of the Corona-Apps that serve the same purpose exist. Both variants represent a better source of information, as forwarded messages or chain letters. This may or may not contain viruses or subscription. How are you protecting your Smartphone is best in front of all of the digital dangers, we’ll show you in a separate article.

This article was written by Artem Sandler

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